ISLAMABAD - The cold-blooded murder of a young boy in the jurisdiction of Pahari Pora Police Station Peshawar and the sluggish response by the local po­lice that allowed the murderer to es­cape exposed the poor performance of the so called non-politicised Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa police.

The local police have so far failed to provide justice to the family of vic­tim even after almost one month of the murder in the broad daylight.

Despite a number of reforms intro­duced in KP police, the family of vic­tim has been facing a number of is­sues when they have to approach the police.

A 20-years-old boy name Abid was gunned down allegedly by a person name Shabir over a petty family dis­pute in the Sardar Gari village in Pe­shawar district on December 28, 2019.

The family of the victim later ap­proached the mainstream and social media to lodge complaint that the local police were reluctant to arrest the murderer as the main accused was from a family having a strong in­fluential area.

It is pertinent to mention that de­spite the case was highlighted on the social media, but none of the senior police officers met with the heirs of the deceased in order to ensure them for justice delivery.

However, while talking to The Na­tion, the father of slain boy said that the police did not take the matter se­rious and this gave a chance to the murderer to flee and hide some­where.

He complained that they were still looking for justice and until now po­lice are yet to make any arrest in the case.

He said that if KP police in Charsadda could arrest the son of landlord in a triple murder case then they must deliver them justice too.

He said that the local police were reluctant to arrest the main mur­derer due to their influence in po­lice stations and many other politi­cal quarters. The father of the slain boy told us that the attitude of the police and their behaviour towards him was very harsh and they were not bothering to address his matter carefully.

However, the investigation officer in the case Duran Shah admitted that so far they have been failed to arrest the murderers and provide justice to the family of victim.

Denying the claims of the family of victim Shah Duran said there was no influence of the murderer’s family on the police and they will reach the culprits very soon.

On the other hand, a local from the area without exposing his name told The Nation that police are reluctant to arrest them, saying that the local police were involved in the support of murderer’s family in many other cases.

Another police official said the po­lice were trying its best to reach the accused and numerous raids were conducted and very soon they will get to their target.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in past has defended the KP police many times and has termed it as the best and non-politicised police force of the country.

In a statement on his official Twit­ter account, Imran Khan about KP police had said, “There can be no comparison between the autono­mous, depoliticised and profession­al KP police and totally politicised and nonprofessional Sindh and Pun­jab police.”

He had further said, “The KP Police Act has completely depoliticised the police force, whereas in Sindh and Punjab the police is used to victim­ise opponents and on occasions kill them extra judicially.”

The then Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar in the Asma rape murder case had expressed dissat­isfaction over progress in the case, questioning the competence of the KP police.