KARACHI - A 29 percent overall turnout was observed during the general election 2018 in Karachi.

MQM had claimed to have bagged around 2 million votes in 2013 general election and 1 million votes were secured by PTI. As per unconfirmed details, during the current polls around 2.3 million people cast their right of vote. In 2013, 55.02 percent turnout was recorded by the election commission of Pakistan. But in current general election lowest turnout has observed as compare to last general election, only 35 percent voters used the right of vote in general election 2018.

The highest turnout in the mega city was observed in District South’s constituency NA-247 where 36 percent voters exercised their right. Long queues were witnessed at the polling stations, established in posh areas Defence and Clifton of NA-247 as turnout also recorded highest.

It was observed that Women voters were witnessed in impressive numbers at mostly polling stations of the city despite men voters were witnessed in thin numbers.

Several emotional scenes were witnessed when some elder and disable person reached at various polling stations to cast their votes including a 90year-old women Zainab Bibi reached at a polling station of Lyari and used the right of vote. Later she talking to media told that she has cast her vote for Bilawal Bhutto, adding that vote she will cast her vote to PPP at till last breath, Zainab Bibi said.

At a polling station of NA-245, a 73year-old man namely Syed Ahmed Shah has used the right of vote, later, he told media that he has cast his vote for change in Pakistan. The voter despite his illness reached at polling station on motorbike to cast his vote. Shah said he did not faced any trouble in polling process.