KARACHI Various ills like nepotism and favouritism have inflicted yet another national institution like Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, where blue-eyed boys have been elevated to the coveted positions one after other. It is stated that when the high echelons in the PNSC deemed it fit or realised their error of judgement they replaced one favourite with another. Rasheed Channay, an owner of furniture shop, having clout in the corridors of power, was appointed as a PNSC board member soon after the present government came into power. Channay has no track of any experience in shipping. He was made board member in July 2008; however, when the fact dawned upon the government was replaced on 8th of this month. But surprisingly, he has been replaced by Sohrab Adil Gillani who is said to be the son of Chairman Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) Adil Gillani. According to the sources concerned, Sohrab was working as Deputy Manager at Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT), and now his becoming PNSC board member establishes bad governance and poses question mark vis-a-vis efficiency of government. According to Secretary PNSC board, Ms Zainab Suleman, the replacement notification of Rasheen Channay was issued on 8th of this month. Rasheed Channay was made board member in July 2008 when Khalid Idrees was moved to Federal Zakat-o-Ushr department. The sources said that appointment of Rasheed Chennay, not only belied the claims made by the PPP government about good governance but its a worse example of nepotism. Appointment of Sohrab Gilani as PNSC board member is yet another example of nepotism and favouritism, as well as bad governance. He is not a plausible choice of the hierarchy of PNSC, the sources added. It is pertinent to mention that PNSC board is nominated by the government of Pakistan, as there are five nominated directors, including the chairman, and two directors elected by the shareholders. In addition to above, there are five executive directors who assist the chairman in the day-to-day affairs of the corporation and head administration division, finance division, commercial division, ship management division, and special projects and planning division.