The Prime Minster is entitled to unimaginable perks once he leaves the premiership, even if he has served the office for a single minute.

At the cost of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money,  the ex-Prime Ministers are entitled to a lifetime of completely free-of-charge perks, including car, fuel, air tickets, servants, telephone facilities, free electricity and water, personal staff and a sprawling bungalow with security in the heart of the country’s capital.

Now another Prime Minister has sworn-in for holding the upcoming elections and in all likelihood, he will have a claim to the perks according to the existing rules.

To add to it are the newly included rules whereas the families of the Prime Ministers will also be given similar perks, including lifelong medical care in any hospital of the country free of cost. This is outrageous rape of public money by the parasites, who have ruined this country to the brink of total extinction.

If we look at the records, the Ex-Presidents are also benefitting from these facilities, despite being filthy rich, especially in case of Pervez Musharaf, who is living in foreign country at the most expensive location. The Pakistani missions abroad provide them with all the facilities to please these souls; just in case, they return to power again to rob the nation ferociously and with impunity.

There is a need to change the law, which provides these outrageous facilities for the Ex-Prime Ministers (including caretaker Prime Ministers), and make it mandatory that the minimum period to be eligible for these perks should not be less than three years in office.

Let's not crush the already crushed masses with these monstrous burdens.


Islamabad, March 25.