After started his career in 2011, Tabish has achieved a lot in such a short span of time. From walking on runways for the big guns of the fashion business to modelling for Gul Ahmed, Bonanza, Shoe Planet etc, Tabish has done it all. The most interesting thing about this sturdily good looking man is that if a brand needs a model with soft looks, Tabish can be casted without a beard - however, he can totally transform into an angry young man with his beard on! Being able to put up with both gentle and raw looks, Tabish will soon be one of the top male models of the country.

Interviewing him was a lovely experience for me and I found him very down-to-earth and a kind soul.

Please tell us your date of birth and a little about your education.

My birthday is on independence day which is the 14th of August.  I recently completed my double MBA in Finance & Marketing

How were you ‘discovered’ and how did you join the modelling industry?

I decided to join exactly when I was discovered. I was discovered in the model hunt for Style 360 Bridal Couture Week and I was the winner.

What is your stance on modelling being strenuous?

People think it’s an easy job but it’s really not. You have to be in shape throughout because of which you can’t do everything you want.

What is the best and worst thing about being a model?

The best thing about being a model is the fame and respect you get from your followers.

However, when you’re passionate about something then you don’t really care about the worst things, you just ignore them and try to make the most of every good thing.

What is your favourite campaign to date?

I’ve been really choosy with the work I’ve done so far so all the campaigns I’ve done are kinda my favourite.

What is the most enjoyable thing about the profession?

When you love something you do, then you it enjoy totally. From the walk on the ramp to the head ramp, from the photo-shoots to magazines and hoardings, everything.

Any personal ambitions yet unattained?

There’s a lot to come in the next 5 years from my side!

A typical day of yours is like...

I’m not a morning person so my typical day starts in the afternoon with a cup of coffee (I’m not a tea person) followed by breakfast. Then I usually go to my office around 3 pm. After that it’s gym at 7 and then I like spending time with my pals.

What do you spend the most on?

Clothes, food and travelling.

What is your eating and gym-ing regime?

I don’t really like to eat healthy food but yeah I do try to have at least two nutritious meals a day.  A day without going to the gym is an incomplete day for me.

Five inseparable things for you would be?

Family, friends, food, travelling and work.

Have you been barred from doing anything owing to being a celebrity? 

Not really because no one stops from you doing anything good.

Please name some really good friends of yours in the industry. 

I have made a lot of good friends in this industry and naming few of them would be unfair to the others.

What is your perfect woman in three words?

A sensible woman.

Finally, would you like to give advice to the youngsters?

The only advice I would give to the youngsters is that there is no shortcut to success in the long run. Work harder!