KARACHI - Top seeds Hong Kong crowned 19th Asian Senior Team Squash Championship 2018 champions after thrashing sorry Pakistan 2-0 in the final held in Korea on Sunday.

Pakistan’s Farhan Zaman stared the proceedings against Lee Au. Although the Pakistani played well and showed fighting skills and determination, yet Lee Au was too hot to handle for Zaman, who lost the first game 9-11, lost the second 9-11 and third 7-11. It was end of the road for Pakistan, as writing was very much on the wall, as the only real hope against Hong Kong was Zaman. His lost was clear indication that the game is over.

Tayyab Aslam, as per expectations, failed to carry the hopes of Pakistan alive and lost the crucial match 1-3. Tayyab was up against Au Chung Ming, who won the first game 11-6, but surprisingly lost the second 8-11, before winning the third 11-0 and fourth 11-7. As the Hong Kong player won the last point, wild celebrations broke out in Hong Kong camp and Pakistani contingent, which arrived in Korea with tall claims, was no match to the best team on ground.

The Nation had time and again warned the PSF to revise polices, remove blue-eyed persons, especially Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) director Air Commodore (R) Aftab Qureshi and also outdated trainers, but no heed was paid. The PSF is living in fool’s paradise, as they are not only fooling themselves, but also the entire nation.

The ordinary victories in Qatar and unknown places and non-ranking point events were off no use to Pakistan nor to players. It was predicted earlier that due to non-participation of India, Kuwait and inexperienced team sent by Malaysia, Pakistan team would have easy ride till the finals and the real test of their nerves and tall claims would be against Hong Kong and same happened.

Now all the incompetent persons including the PSF senior vice president and secretary must be shown the doors and without wasting a single minute, the PNSA director, old coach M Yasin and incompetent coaches and trainers must be sent home while qualified coaches must be hired as it is the only viable solution or else the players and the country will continue to suffer badly.

Had the federation paid heed towards simple suggestions and not bowed down against their egos, the situation would have been completely different. When Fahim Gul was removed, the reason was poor performance, and now why not all the responsible ones pay the same price? Why Farhan Mehboob was given such harsh treatment?

Winning ordinary tournaments and matches is something different, while playing against the best teams in the world is entirely different. When the real challenge arrives, Pakistani players always play like pussy cats and are thrashed badly by international players and teams.  It is national and moral duty of PSF president to seek detailed report from the SVP and the secretary and strict action must be taken to save squash from further downslide. The entire nation and players are looking at the PSF president to take some bold decisions and save the sinking ship of Pakistan squash.