LAHORE - Now Minister, thrice MPA, took three examinations during various stints of the PML-N, two FIRs registered against him for impersonation - this is the brief profile of 'dysfunctional provincial Minister for Prisons Ghafoor Baig, popularly known as Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan (Mayo), who is presently being investigated by the N-League for 'acting actively for friends at the Lahore Airport. Despite all FIRs, and disciplinary actions, 'Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Baig Khan was able to survive even during the former PML-Q govt, and successfully managed to stay put, which is an ample proof of Ministers 'qualities and qualifications, who has been also reported for picking up fights with the policemen as well. Interestingly, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (Lahore), under its previous Secretary Haji Muhammad Dogar-also better known for being politically and socially well-connected-did not pursue the case of Chaudhry-Baigs disqualification, and is said to have passed the order to his subordinates for not doing so. Dogar did not talk about the matter saying that he had sore throat. The documents available with The Nation show that Chaudhary-Baig had taken all the examinations as 'Ghafoor Baig son of Surjan Khan, whereas he is officially known with two names, that is, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan and Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, son of Ch Surjan Khan, which is also the same according to the website of the Punjab Assembly. When quizzed about this transition and whether he had done it officially, the Minister was taken by surprise initially. 'Baig is my nickname, and I got it changed to my present name on December 1, 2008, said the Minister, while terming it a non-issue. Simultaneously, he said he did not have any 'fix name, 'as now my Computerised National Identity Card carries Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, while I usually use Khan as a surname as well. Interestingly, he carried two contradictory names during all these years, including his three stints as an elected provincial legislator. In Matriculation, Ghafoor secured 315 marks, Intermediate result unavailable (as certificate quashed), and in Graduation, Ghafoor Baig passed the exam in the second division securing 399 marks. Ghafoor Baig did his Matriculation from the BISE in 1977, and his exam of Intermediate (1990) was taken by his friend-turned-foe Muhammad Akram, who went against the Minister when the latter, as per an FIR 165/95 City Raiwind Police Station, attacked his impersonator Akram, who presented an affidavit to the BISE that he had appeared in the FA exam for Ghafoor Baig. This fact is proven by Akrams picture on the form of the Board when the former appeared for Chaudhry-Baig in the exam vide Roll no 22996, Second Annual 1990. 'Now this form has two pictures of both Akram and Ghafoor, confided a source of the BISE. However, in 1998 when Chaudhry-Baig was an MPA in Shahbaz Sharifs first govt, the BISE started investigating the matter when one Shahid Mahmood submitted a complaint with the Board after another impersonator for the MPA was arrested from Sheikhupura. The first Disciplinary Committee found the MPA guilty after hearing him, while the second Committee - which underwent two changes in members even during the proceedings - allowed Ghafoor a 'special chance for hearing sans taking permission for this from the competent authority. This Committee gave a clean chit to the accused in May 1999, while Controller Examinations filed an appeal to the Chairman BISE for reinvestigating the matter. 'The accused remained present inside and around the premises of the Board along with his gunmen and possibly was the root cause of the non-appearance of the impersonator before the Appeal Committee, the Committee observed in its findings when Akram did not turn up, and submitted an affidavit only, which substantiated Committees point of view, and he admitted to his crime of acting as an impersonator for Ghafoor. As per documents, the MPA failed to provide any proofs to prove his innocence. Neither he substantiated the change in his name nor presented record of his previous education till Intermediate. The charges of impersonation were proven against Ghafoor Baig/Chaudhary Abdul Ghafoor, and was disqualified for passing the examination, and barring him for five years from taking any exams. The Committee suggested to the BISE for quashing his Intermediate Certificate. Upon Committees recommendation, an FIR 80/2000 was registered with the Gulberg Police Station against Akram and Ghafoor. Interestingly, Akram was handed down punishment, while Ghafoor was discharged from the FIR 'honourably. To Chaudhry-Baig,the issues of impersonations and FIRs are part of a conspiracy hatched against him by his political opponents. After the Sharifs exit from Pakistan following their ouster from power on October 12 1999, prior to the Musharraf regimes 'backed elections of 2002 after which 'Graduate Assembly came into being, the legal proceedings against the decision of the BISE started in the courts, which continued till July 7, 2008, when Ghafoor was Minister Prisons, and the PML-N was again in power. During the intermediary period between 1990 and 1998, Ghafoor took two examinations of Graduation Second Annual 1993, and attempted for Masters in Punjabi through an impersonator Amjad Ali, who was arrested by the Police from Government Islamia High School Sheikhupura. In his statement, Amjad admitted impersonation for Ghafoor Baig, and narrated how he was entangled into the game. Another FIR 364/1998 was registered against Amjad and Ghafoor with the City Division Police Station Sheikhupura. Chaudhry-Baig was an MPA at that time, and on paper, nothing was done against him. 'The Punjab University had cleared me as nothing was proven against me. This was part of the conspiracy hatched against me, concluded the Minister, whose tone turned harsh and he became jittery after raising delirious light laughters to various questions. Ultimately, he preferred putting the phone down, while saying, 'better quiz the courts about the questions you are posing to me. During all these years from 2002 to 2008, when Ghafoor Baig also was an MPA during the PML-Q govt from 2002 to 2007, he remained on 'Stay Order and contested two elections as well. Recently, an MNA from Rawalpindi Haji Pervaiz Khan was directed to resign from the Assembly after his nephew was caught acting as Hajis impersonator. 'Lets see what happens now because there is a difference between the MNA and MPA, while the latter is considered to be very close to the Sharifs, averred Chaudhry-Baigs colleague, who is anxiously waiting for the report about MPAs recent hullabaloo at the Airport. 'Justice must prevail even if it is a delayed one, opined the MPA.