Observing my society, I would like to raise my opinion on the incident of an animal suffering form selfies. It happened when a man in Florida was filmed dragging a small shark out of the water to take a selfie. People in our society are using animals as props for their selfies which will get them more likes on social sites. We are endangering the life of our habitats just for fun. Another incident was filmed at Argentina, mobbing a baby franciscana dolphin which is labeled as an endangered animal but unfortunately, the addiction of selfies caused that dolphin to death. It is in kindergarten that we “formally” learn about animals, their habitats and their anatomy. We learn about where and how they survive best and what it takes to preserve their existence. Fast forward to adulthood, selfies and selfishness have knocked every bit of education and just common sense out of a growing population of people who feel the need to have everything publicised despite the danger to other creatures. Selfies are here to stay, however, people must begin to think of taking them more responsibly - especially where animals are concerned.


Karachi, April 7.