One of the biggest problems India is facing today is the saffronisation of its education. From science to historical facts, almost every aspect of the old India is being changed in order to fit the changing perceptions of the current polity and younger generation; an aspect which failed terribly in Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. This sudden requirement of changes in the education sector is a result of the rising trend of right wing populist movement or the RSS wave. Trump, Modi and the current populist leader elected in Brazil can be related with Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini of WW2 having globalist agendas of reshaping the planet in accordance to their specific ideologies.

A major part of Indian history, science and philosophy is interconnected with more than 700 years rule of Muslims over the Sub-continent; a chapter that is currently irritating the nationalists of India and therefore has ushered in an era of “Murder of History” in the Indian polity and youth. This particular postulate reflects the golden age of India, yet somehow young minds are being poisoned by their saffron masters into believing that the Muslims were and are the real cause of all that is wrong with India. The current BJP-RSS government is trying to rewrite the History of the Sub-continent through the lens of the Pundit Hierarchy.

From twisting facts regarding Muslim rule to completely changing the results of famous battles won by Muslims against Hindu rulers as well as negating the economic progress made by the Muslim rulers in India, the Saffron cabal is hell bent on twisting historical facts. Mostly the Mughal rule is targeted and Hindu youth is being brainwashed in believing that this specific time period was the worst for local Indians. It’s ironic that successors of 1st generation of invaders of India (Aryans) want to prove that second, third and fourth generation of invaders i.e. Muslims were wrong.

For a brief moment lets revisit history and go back to the ancient Indus Valley civilization and Tamil Kings and try finding out who invaded whom during that era and established a hierarchy based caste system in order to control the then locals in accepting a master ideology and not question the hierarchy whatsoever because of caste based differences made by Hinduism itself. Yes! The Aryans were the first invaders who established a hierarchal system and considered the locals inferior to them and persecuted them throughout time. Some historians believe that if it wasn’t for the Mughals, India would still be a lost Empire in global politics and thus would never come up as an economic giant in the 17th and 18th centuries. The entire focus of the Aryan caste system was to brainwash people in believing that a particular group was of superior race, an aspect which was seen in the form of swastikas and fascism in Nazi Reich and Hirohito’s Japan where such ideologies were propagated and established.

A blistering critique of the British Raj Mr Shashi Tharoor states in one of his works The Inglorious Empire that “Indians of all religious communities lived intertwined lives, and even religious practices were rarely exclusionary; thus Muslim musicians played and sang Hindu devotional songs, Hindus thronged Sufi shrines and worshipped Muslim saints there, and Muslim artisans in Benares made the traditional masks for the Hindu Ram-Leela performances.”. At present a negative perception of Mughals is being wired across India to brainwash the new saffronised generation of India. Mughals in the new syllabi of the Indian Education System have been portrayed as invaders who did nothing but loot India of its riches and culture. A similar pattern was seen during the British Raj where Mughals were portrayed as wildly beasts that followed a violent religion and brought down ashrams and temples of Hindus everywhere in India. While the old colonial perception now being peddled by Modi’s RSS brigade may be a political necessity, it may be interesting to note that RSS never revolted or struggled against the British Raj in any meaningful way.

Recently the syllabi of history were changed by the central government in India. Historical events and even results regarding military campaigns have been changed. A report in India Today stated that the education board of Rajasthan re wrote history by changing the battle results of “Haldighati” in favor of a defeated Hindu ruler. The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has approved a change in the history section of the Class X social science books. The revised books will now teach students that Maharana Pratap conclusively defeated Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th-century Battle of Haldighati.

Mughals are covered in great detail in Indian school textbooks. And the logic behind this is not hard to find. The Mughals ruled over large swathes of India, produced remarkable rulers, and left behind great architectural structures as well a significant amount of literature to ensure their imprint on the Indian subcontinent would be hard to forget.

But all this hasn’t stopped some people from trying though. More specifically, educational bodies across India seem to be making a conscious effort to ensure future generations of students don’t get to learn about such a significant part of the country’s history.

The Reincarnation of Ayudhiya, Ram Temple and Babri Masjid issue as well as the changing of names of Historical cities in India (Making them Hindu Centric names) counts as another populist or Neo Nazi trend gaining momentum with help of Saffron Brigade in eradicating the so called fabric of Indian secular system. It seems that the current central government wants to reshape history by putting emphasis on glory of Hinduism and race based nationalism while discrediting other communities which played a vital role in shaping the Subcontinent diverse demographics and cultural heritage.

Does this mean that the Union of India is on a self-destruct mission and the world awaits an eruption of a civil war like situation in the coming years in the Subcontinent region? This is another dejavu, a new Rhineland event in the making; question is does the International community wish to see nuclear weapons under another Nazi movement who has many times threatened the region of nuclear winter, if neighbours of India don’t follow its imperialistic rules?


The writer is a freelance journalist.