ISLAMABAD         -             The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Monday turned down the remarks of a senior US diplomat for South Asia that China Pakistan Economic Corridor project would push Pakistan deeper into a debt trap. While rejecting reservations of US Assistant Secretary Alice Wells pertaining to the CPEC, Central Information Secretary Ahmad Jawad in a statement asked her “not to be worried about the game-changer mega project rather she should press the fascist Modi-led Indian government to resolve the Kashmir issue as per the UN resolution.” Last week, Wells speaking at a gathering in Washington had said that multi-billion-dollar project would take a toll on Pakistan’s economy at the time of repayments. The project guarantees profits for Chinese state-owned enterprises, with little benefits for Islamabad, she had added. PTI secretary information asked Ms Wells that where was her warning about the human, social, financial and psychological impact of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union in the 80s and its fallout on Pakistan? He questioned the timing of the statement saying that Wells never warned Pakistan for any disasters before, then why she is warning on CPEC, a project which is providing Pakistan infrastructure, connectivity and development including the largest network of roads, a pivotal and strategic seaport and energy opportunities?  He said that CPEC was changing Pakistan by creating great opportunities for self-sustainability and development.