The society we live in has many rotten minded people, people who have sisters and daughters at their homes whom they love, their respect and protection means everything to them but other's sisters and daughters are source of entertainment for them. What can we say to such people? How can we get rid of people of such mindset? How can we protect our sisters, daughters and children? This is a very serious issue which is being faced in almost every country!

A child, who is innocent, does not even know the meaning of abuse, does not know what is being done to him/her, how can one even think of ruining his esteem? Not even abuse, but children are being raped nowadays, girls and boys both are not safe even in their homes. This is something to be ashamed of. Parents and family members should train their children of good and bad touch.

No one should be allowed to touch a child in an inappropriate manner, no one shall put an evil eye at any child, and nobody should be able to spoil his/her courtesy. Since the fact that a child is innocent, the family should take care of the child’s dignity, his rights and protection, where the child is going, whom he is meeting and about other activities of the child.

Apart from being victimized, children are getting involved in dirty acts. They don’t even know what they are doing but due to bad company and the videos they are watching today, they are doing it for the sake of pleasure. These children may turn into sexpleasurers when they grow up, or even become creep rapists. This should be controlled from very beginning the child is raised.

Actual blame goes to the parents and family, they let the kid watch TV every time regardless of the concern what type of shows they are watching, the videos, mobile phones and games etc. These types of things are spoiling today’s children and youth. Instead of provoking patriotism and other things in the new generation, media is promoting violence and sexual abuse among people. Love, affection, drama, violence, sex, porn, romance and vulgarity, nothing else is left in the shows except these creepy topics.

In order to control such issues, proper workshops should be conducted to train children as well as parents. Children should be given an idea about a good and bad touch, whom they should trust, whom they should travel with and parents should be informed not to let their child be alone in the company of maids. Children need parent’s attention, care, trust, love and support. A good and complete parenting should have all these qualities.

Parents’ trust and love means a lot to their children. Some parents blame their children for what they do. They are abused and it is repeated many times but never inform their parents and family due to the fear that their parents will not understand them or would blame them. They will blame their children and will not trust them, or even if they believe them, it won’t make any difference because they won’t take any action and the case will never get registered.

Families are often afraid of losing their dignity if they inform police about what has been done to their child. They never let the culprit be punished instead they threaten the victim (child) not to tell anyone. As a result; the child gets in a complex situation, he might feel lonely or start facing a mental disorder, but still the family is more cautious of its dignity in preference to the child health! In some extreme cases, the children are hospitalized; they face health issues which can seriously affect their future.

The only remedy to control this issue is, getting united, taking a stand, and punishing such people so badly that one thinks of thousand times before even thinking of doing such dirty crime. Society should also cooperate, people disgrace such families whose children are victimized without thinking that this could have been done to their child as well. The change must arise from the mind first to bring revolution in the society.