Wah Cantt-Dengue fever took yet another life in Wah raising the death toll to two persons with around 700 suspected patients and over 30 probable still being treated at the various hospitals raising the affected patients of twin cities of Taxila and Wah to a record number during this year.

Contrary to the claims of medical experts that the changing weather would lead to significant decrease in dengue cases instead ill planning and poor anti dengue efforts by health and civic authorities in twin cities of Taxila and Wah, there is no respite to the masses of twin cities of Taxila from dengue fever.

It is observed that despite strict orders given by Rawalpindi Commissioner Saqib Zafar to take action against those showing negligence when it came to implementing anti-dengue arrangements, so far, not a single official of health department or local administration has been held responsible due to increasing number of patients in Tehsil Taxila where record number of suspected patients were reported during this year.

It may be recalled that in September 2009 as many as 24 people from single village of Larr in Dhoke Jhando of Taxila were infected with dengue fever and two of them died whereas in year while two dengue fever patients died in October 2010. Interestingly, despite knowing possible outbreak of dengue also this year, the government concerned authorities did not take precautionary measures which results in a large number of patients in the area.

Sources in the health department said that authorities concerned did not carry out anti dengue spray on water reservoirs and marshy areas especially in high-risk locations, which led to surge in number of dengue cases. It has also observed that the local administration is taking temporary measures instead of coming up with a long-term strategy to curb dengue virus.