LAHORE - Prime Minister Imran Khan has remarkably influenced the world leaders through his intellect of international affairs and diplomatic relations on the sidelines of UNGA session during the last three days,  Khawaja Aamer Raza, PTI’s Deputy Secretary Information for Punjab said this in a statement.He said it was a great achievement and honour for Pakistan mediating between Saudis & Iran and also between Iran & US to de-escalate the existing tensions among these countries. “Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and President Donald Trump requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to play the role of a mediator”, he said.  Khawaja Aamer said PM Imran Khan was the only leader in the world to engage the Western leaders and tell them on their face about their dual standards on different issues. He said Khan’s critics were not expecting him to speak at the world forum against Indian premier Modi as a person who was racist, followers of RSS ideology and Hitler. Prime Minister Khan proved them wrong, he concluded.