KARACHI-Sindh Minister for Local Government and Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the federal government has been constantly violating Article 158 of the Constitution. 

In a statement issued from his office on Friday, he said, “Sindh supplies 68 percent of Pakistan’s total gas, but today gas is scarce in the province.” Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that although Sindh added 2,200 MMCFD of gas to the total national production, but gets only 900 to 1,000 MMFDC of gas in return. “And the province needs 1,700 MMCFD of gas for its own consumption,” the minister reminded.

The provincial minister complained that Centre was not meeting the gas demands of Sindh due to which the gas crisis in the province, including Karachi, was getting worse. “The federal government is deliberately denying Sindh its share in total gas production,” he alleged. 

“I ask the federal minister to stop blaming us. And answer what is the reason that despite having gas reserves in Sindh, the province is not getting gas? We want to tell the Centre that the citizens of Sindh do not want expensive LNG. 

Give Sindh’s gas to Sindh because under Article 158 of the Constitution, the first right to provincial resources is that of people of that province. If the province’s needs are met, the rest of the gas can be given to other provinces,” he added. He further said that the federal government puts the onus of its failure on Sindh. “Tomorrow the federal ministers may claim that the Sindh government is responsible for the failure of the federal government,” Nasir said, and added, “Raising electricity and gas prices has become a routine. No one else, but the incompetent Federal Minister of Energy Omar Ayub is responsible for the power and gas crisis in Karachi.”