ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari and his ruling PPP are set to implicate former president General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf as one of the accused in the mysterious assassination of PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto. They can do such a drama at any stage for political gains. The UN Report itself is questionable and is directed to malign Pakistan Army and the intelligence agencies of the country, former caretaker minister and a close associate of Pervez Musharraf, Barrister Saif, told TheNation on Monday. Saif was of the view that PPP leadership wanted to rein Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies by using the so-called UN Report which it is questionable. He alleged that Pakistans Ambassador to the USA Hussain Haqqani played a key role in the appointment of the head of UN probe commission, Heraido Munoz. This is absolutely a political witch-hunt which the PPP Government wishes to capitalise for political gains, he said, adding the former CPO Rawalpindi Saud Aziz had admitted in the preliminary reports compiled by official inquiry committee of the then government as well as the report prepared by the Scotland Yard that he had himself ordered hosing down of the crime scene. He will have to prove it in the court of law if he had changed his statement that he hosed down the crime scene on the orders of former DG MI Major General Nadeem Ejaz, Saif opined. Saif also dismissed that protocol given to the former Army Chief Pervez Musharraf by the UK government had been withdrawn. This is rubbish and part of propaganda campaign. He also clarified that one of three private Pakistani guards hired by the former president for personal security was ever denied his visa to travel to UK. He has just been directed to file his visa application to the UK High Commission on his own passport rather than applying on Musharrafs diplomatic passport. When contacted an official close to Interior Minister Rehman Malik denied any communication from the Ministry to the British government for withdrawal of Musharrafs protocol. However, he rushed to add that the clarification was only on behalf of the Interior Ministry and the Minister was unable to say anything on behalf of other government departments. Meanwhile, President Zardaris official Spokesman Farhatullah Babar has dismissed the notion that the PPP-led ruling coalition had launched a witch-hunt to victimise its political opponents. Fact-finding is not a witch-hunt. Had it been the case, the PPP leadership would have done it two years before, he said while referring to three-member investigation team constituted to find out whether or not the former DG MI Nadeem Ejaz had ordered hosing down of the crime scene of BBs assassination at Liaqat Bagh on December 27, 2007. Our Monitoring Desk adds: Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that no decision has been made to withdraw protocol of former president Pervez Musharraf. According to a private TV channel on Monday, Rehman termed news items in this connection as baseless. Protocol to former presidents and prime ministers was their due right and government would continue providing it, he added.