Some culinary cultures never go out of trend. Such as is the indigenous cuisine of Lahore that remains an attraction even centuries on. Lahori cuisine, which is a part of the Punjabi food culture, has transformed over the decades, and now includes in it foods brought in by communities who were once stranger to this city. In fact, the culinary culture has evolved so much that to anyone who isn’t familiar with the traditional food of Lahore, and that of Punjab, would confuse Punjabi food (relating to other places in Punjab) as being a part of Lahori food. The fusion continues to evolve making it a beautiful presentation of contemporary food culture.

The fusion has created a demand at all levels for food which is affordable and high in quality at the same time. While most crave for typical Lahori food offered in the downtown, others prefer eateries far from the rush of the old city - especially when pangs of hunger grow ruthless. Hence, we have seen multiple desi eateries mushrooming every now and then. Eateries such as Bombay Chowpati, Monal and Spice Bazaar might offer true Lahori food but they remain unreasonably expensive. Gourmet, compared to them has won the hearts of many not only with their quality of food but price as well. The latest addition to indigenous desi cuisine with good food and good price is Flavours of Lahore.

Most loved Shami Burger at Flavours of Lahore

“Lahori food is scrumptiously irresistible. But the problem is that we have had two extremes; high-end eateries which offer good food but exceed the limits of affordability. And on the contrary, there’s the cheap street-food we love but quite too often prefer healthier options over it. There’s more and more need for eateries where we have comfortable sitting, good food, and just the right price,” said Salman Naeem a very regular foodie.

One expects desi restaurants to look desi. Or let’s say ‘look all done up in Mughal grandeur.’ But Flavours of Lahore isn’t anything like that. Which means you might be a little disappointed at first sight to find out that the eatery is basically café-like, but spend about 10 minutes and you’ll begin to grow very familiar with its ambiance. Comfy and casual. Plus for parents, in particular, a place where they can dine out comfortably with their children since the seating arrangement is quite spacious and the cutlery is easy to handle.

Shami Burger with a twist of Salsa Sauce

The menu is good. It’s carefully planned, keeping healthy eating in view. The restaurant offers exclusive signature menus for lunch and dinner each. “The idea behind offering a separate menu for lunch and dinner is to cater the healthy eating routine. The food offered during day time add an extra zest of energy while that offered for dinner is light and yet filling. Plus, it varies from season to season to relish the seasonal dishes, although some dishes remain constant,” said Hassan Khurram of Flavours of Lahore.

What makes Flavours of Lahore stand out is the inclusion of Sub-Continental food. Factually speaking even Foodies, a significant percentage of them, don’t know much about it. Whereas some dishes are considered desi, others are considered English or Fast Food. The eatery has a special section dedicated to Sub-Continental food, which includes the traditional and the famous Mulligatawny Soup, Shami Burger, and Club Sandwich. Hence, the eatery is striving to revive the Sub-Continental cuisine culture, which amidst the fusion of foods has seemed to have lost its identity. Those who have experienced the typical desi food will agree the flavours seem to come straight from the old city – such as Tawa Chicken from Arif Chatkhara (trust me this is no exaggeration!).

Tasty Beef Chops

Lahore has surpassed the food business in Pakistan. With food chains erupting like toadstools, most of them promoting fast food, it’s good to see an eatery which is independent of a brand name and yet offers good food in good price. Flavours of Lahore is for anyone who prefers a quick desi snack, or carefree environment. You don’t have to worry about being all decked up in couture or dolled up to dine out. Just walk in. Order and enjoy the flavours of Lahore!