LAHORE                  -                 Police authorities in Punjab on Sunday said that 21 of its officials and personnel have contracted coronavirus. According to Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) operations, overall 60 police personnel were tested for the virus and of them 21 have thus far tested positive. One of the police personnel deployed in Central Police Office also contracted the virus, he said. He said that he was awaiting the results of other personnel to confirm the virus presence. The cops dealing with masses are at a greater risk to contract coronavirus and incidents of them contracting the infection have been reported from various parts of the country. On April 03, personal protective equipment (PPE), masks and hand sanitizers were distributed among the police personnel in Lahore as the city witnessed most cases of coronavirus in Punjab province. Superintendent of Police (SP) Headquarters Jameel Zafar said that 40,000 masks were distributed among the policemen in the city while 5,000 PPE were also arranged on the directions of CCPO Lahore for personnel performing special duties and involved in snap-checking during lockdown.