LAHORE - Ahmad Faraz, a great poet of contemporary era, died on Tuesday. His contemporary poets, writers and his friends have given heartfelt details about the diverse aspects of his personality. Faraz poetry is both traditional as well as liberal. Collections of his poetry have been quite popular and some of these have won major literary awards. He is widely acclaimed and admired because of the essence of his classical poetry. His poetry verses recite life. The way he wrote on social issues is appreciable. Nature had placed the magical magnificence, reflecting truly in his poetry. Faraz was also a literary man. We lack the educated poets like Faraz as he did his masters in Urdu and Persian as a result he knew the sharpness of wit and had streaks of brilliance. What distinguishes his work from others is the way he expressed in his own magnificent style. Whatever Ahmad Faraz has left behind would be in the hearts of millions of his fans. His company was very comfortable and friendly, I travelled many countries along with Faraz. Khalid Ahmad and others shared their feelings with the participants of a condolence reference over the sad demised of Ahmad Faraz at the GC University Lahore. Khalid said, "I had been with him in New York for seven days and I don't even know how those days vanished in very few moments, it was a long period for any body but we spent it like a day with fascination and laughters. He said Faraz had great sense of humour, once we were in Mumbai, he joked at Mustansar Hussain Tarar by saying "he will make u marry, stay away to Muzafar Ali, director of famous movie 'Umrao Jan Ada', he added. Amjad Islam Amjad said heartfelt feelings are there from each member of a society. Faraz is truly one of the heavy-weights of modern day Urdu poetry. Sharing his experiences Ayub Khawar a famous PTV producer said, "I met him in Dubai and Qatar recently. A positive man with tremendous influential personality is being used by the illiterate people who use his name to become famous by using his name in foolish jokes, on asking one question he answered." He had great believe in democracy and fought for it very courageously by the power of his fabulous poetry like Habib Jalib. He was showered with such a great praise that I haven't seen before. When I was doing MA from Karachi University, Ahmed Faraz was invited, as chief guest in annual function. He devoted his last seven years of his life for classical poetry, which (poetry) reflects the true picture of society. He said, "I used to refrain him from too much journey, he was supposed to travel day and night. As I was much concerned about his health and he always ignored, he added. Rare moments come in history when a person leaves, love defines his place. Ahmad Faraz left us all with the tears in our eyes. People are of the view that it's a great loss in the literary circle of modern era. Simplicity of words makes his poetry work for a common to relate. He added that no one could reach the height on which he stands firmly. Out spoken about politics, Ahmed Faraz was in the right of restoration of judges, recently a rally was headed by him and he was most enthusiastic as being a citizen and celebrity of Pakistan, said Shehzad Ahmed, a prominent poet.