KARACHI - The TDAP hosted a meeting with Federal Minister for Commerce Makhdoom Amin Fahim, heads of chambers, trade bodies and other business leaders at its head office. TDAP CE Syed Mohibullah Shah explained that the meeting has been organised to discuss the new Trade Policy 2009-2012 and how govt & private sector can plan a common strategy to face the challenges of global recession and work towards increasing Pakistani exports. It was agreed that while Pakistan should continue to seek better market access to the US & European markets, the participants felt that much greater potential for Pakistani exports lies in increasing regional trade with countries like China, Russia, CAsia as well as Africa. He observed that this was second such meeting in series being organised by the TDAP to provide a friendly platform for stakeholders to brain-storm together and discuss ways & means for identifying and encouraging exports of new & value added products for Pakistan, as well as apply greater focus for increasing share in Asian markets. The TDAP will be holding similar meetings in Lahore and other major centres. The trade and industry leaders of private sector highlighted the growing importance of Asian and Regional markets and urged the govt for greater co-ordination between investments, industrial & trade policies of the country to achieve accelerated growth of value added products.