MIRPUR (AJK)-The population of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has rose to over 4.45 million, against 2.9 million numbered in the population census of 1998, AJK Census Commissioner Raja Tariq Mahmood informed.

The AJK census commissioner told this Correspondent Saturday evening that the state's population has rose to a total of 40,45366 persons (both genders), which was determined in the recently-conducted population census 2017. Previously the AJK population was 29,72501 persons according to the census -1998.

Unveiling district-wise breakup of all 10 district of AJK, Raja Tariq Mahmood said that according to the Population Census 2017, the number of persons in Muzaffarabad district were registered as 650,370, Neelam valley district (1 lakh, 91 thousand and 251), Hattiyan (Jhelum Valley) district (2 lakh, 30 thousand and 529), Bhimbher district (4 lakh, 20 thousand and 624), Mirpur District (4 lakh, 56 thousand and 200), Kotli district 774,194; Bagh district 371,919; Sudhanoti (Palandri) District 297,584); Poonch District 5,571 and Haveili district 152,124.

In population Census 1998 the district-wise population of AJK was registered as under:- Muzaffarabad district (4,53975), Neelam valley district (125,712)), Hattiyan (Jhleum Valley) district (166,064), Bhimbher district (301,633), Mirpur District (333,482), Kotli district (563,094), Bagh district (281,721); Sudhanoti (Palandri) District (224,091); Poonch District (411,035) and Haveili district (111,694).

Further details will be unveiled later on, the Census Commissioner said.