The whole Muslim ummah has to real­ize the truth that once they were the best people in the world and should re­vive the real glory that they had a few cen­turies ago. Today Muslims all around the world are a victim of violation and human injustice. They are brutally murdered and deprived of their basic right. Muslims should unite and stand firm for the right of freedom and status of self-recognition. We the Muslims of Kashmir suffered a lot.

The brethren Muslims of Palestine, Chechnya, Rohengia, and Syria are to fight for self-right. The Muslim phobia has to go out and peace and fraternity prevail. The Muslim military alliance has to come forward for the protection and defense of Muslim brotherhood. No more silence is tolerated. The Indian firing guns are to be halted now. Let Kashmir live free and in­dependent. The shadow of happiness may shower over upon Kashmir. The indepen­dent Kashmir is our awaited dream since 1947. May Allah strengthen our arms so that we can fight for our right. This is the true passion and dream of all Muslims. Free Kashmir zindabad!