By Sabene Rizvi

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lindsey in an orange coloured house.

Lindsey’s friends always said to Lindsey, “Only your roof is orange and your house’s chimney is blue, the windows are transparent and your door is black”.

Lindsey’s friends were wrong. Her house was entirely orange. Her friends could not see that her house is entirely orange because her parents had cast a spell on the house but the spell did not work on Lindsey.

Her parents cast a spell because the Queen took away the people’s wings because she thought only she had the right to fly. No one else had the right she thought.

Orange houses were proof that the house has pixie dust in it. The Queen always said, “Kill the pixie dust producers and bring the dust to me”. Lindsey’s parents did not want the Queen to find them and they’re pixie dust so they cast a spell on the house. Lindsey had wings but her parents cast a spell on her wings and they became invisible.

One day, everyone went to the castle and defeated the Queen by fighting for their rights and killing her youth that she took from children. They were an army including 6 months old children as well. The Queen’s scepter broke and she lost her magic and everybody got they’re magic back.

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 12, 2016