KARACHI - A renowned journalist Zubeida Mustafa said that journalist should always follow ethics and not to compromise principles of journalism at any stages.

She stated this during an event organized by Women Media Center (WMC) in recognition of her contribution to Pakistani Journalism.

She said that she never claimed to be one who brought the women in the field of journalism instead opened the door for them.

“I have been working enthusiastically but now people say that my work was helpful for them in this field,” she said, adding that men had different perspective from women but there were many men in the field who were helpful to their female colleagues.

She disclosed that she faced an offensive response from a particular group of people while writing about breast cancer and was blame for writing about obscenity but was supported by her editor.  She said it was better to die struggling rather than accepting defeat.

Talking about current state of journalism in the country, she said she was upset about the current status of electronic media and the contents being produced.

The event was organized at the WMC premises, where senior journalist Ghazi Salahuddin, veteran journalist and Editor Jung Nazir Leghari, Khursheed Haider and many female journalists paid tribute to Zubeida Mustafa and celebrated her achievements and services to Pakistani Media. Students from various media Institutions and WMC also participated in the function.

An achievement award was also presented to her by veteran journalist and WMC Secretary by Fauzia Shaheen

She said that Zubeida Mustafa’s achievements were examples for other people who want to bring about change in society through journalism, adding that Women Media Center was a training Institute to empower female journalists in the media.

Zubeida Mustafa is a senior journalist and has been writing on politics, social inequality, health and education issues for last the 33 years amidst various censorships and threats from extremists. Recently, International Women’s Media Foundation conferred a ‘lifetime Achievement Award 2012’ upon her in recognition of her work.