Lahore         -         Silence prevailed at Lahore Safari Park on Wednesday as remains of a young villager were recovered from inside a barred enclosure allocated to a pride of lions, which is confined here since long for the public watching. It is being suspected that the lions ate the boy.

Mother of the deceased said that 17-year-old Bilal had left home for collecting grass from the area two day ago and it happened to him under such circumstances which need careful investigations. The poor mother with tears rolling down her cheeks told the authorities that she kept searching for her son all through the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. And, then it surfaced that lions of the Safari have torn her son apart.

Later, the family of the deceased together with scores of others belonging to their village marched towards the only zoo of its own kind in Pakistan that allows public on their cars to get inside the barred enclosures of the prides of lions and have a lifetime experience of staying among the dreaded cats. The mob, however, pelted stones at the security check-posts and broke glasses framed in the windows and doors there. The protestors alleged that Bilal had actually been murdered and it was his body that the killer(s) threw inside the yard. The people demanded fair investigations into the incident as the cameras installed to cover the vicinity of the lions’ yard were reportedly found defective.

Sources have revealed that only the head and an arm of the boy have been found while lions got rest of the body to their consumption. Sickle and some collected grass have also been found near the remains suggesting the boy managed to enter into the lions’ area and they attacked and ate him.

A case has however been registered and an autopsy is being sought on the recovered remains.

CM Buzdar Takes Notice

Expressed his deep sense of grief and sorrow over the death of a youth due to attack of lions in Lahore Safari Park, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has shared his heartfelt sympathy and condolence with the heirs of the deceased. The CM sought a report from Commissioner Lahore Division and Provincial Secretary Wildlife about this tragic incident and also ordered to investigate the incident. He further directed that this incident should be probed from every aspect and its report should be submitted to CM  Office within 24 hours.