On his sixth day in office, President Donald Trump continues his executive order signing spree and orders to begin the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico, making good on his campaign promise on making ‘America great again’, and end the illegal immigration problem.

However, even if the wall does lower the number of unlawful immigrants in the United States, the economic gains from reducing the number of illegal immigrants residing in the country are not greater than the cost of the wall. Illegal immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes, purchase goods and services, and enhance American productivity in sectors such as agriculture. But economic feasibility is not something the Americans behind Trump are worried about. They should be, Mr Trump promised a booming economy, not economic losses, but this may be too much of a subtle detail to the common American to understand.

President Trump has insisted that “one way or the other, Mexico will pay for it,” as a promise to keep fiscal spending low. Mexico has already rejected the claim once again for President Trump’s benefit, to which he has proposed taxing the $24 billion of people in the US who send remittances to families in Mexico, another way to racially profile Americans who are an ethnic minority.

This is all great for the Republicans who can use racial bias to their advantage. Every bill that can be given an anti-left, anti-Democrat, anti-Muslim/Latin/Black colour, can be passed. The white majority had to wait a very long time for racism to be acceptable again. This era will bring many controversial laws and acts, and from the sidelines it is almost entertaining to see the US tear itself apart, but the main thing we have to fear is what the agenda for Pakistan and the Middle East will be. If the Americans are ready to punish their own people, just over skin colour – whether it is taxing the Latin population or banning Muslims – imagine what they would like to do to the people in the Muslim world?