WAZIRABAD - An Interpol-wanted accused Luqman had been killed in police custody. Luqman was handed over by Indonesian authorities to Pakistan a day before. Earlier, as per police version, Luqman was killed in a friendly fire by his associate. Latest reports reveal that Luqman had been shot dead by his two rivals on way while police were escorting him. According to recent information, one of the accused Master Ijaz, who killed Luqman, had been arrested while police were after the other fleeing suspect. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan police had set a head bounty worth Rs10 million on Luqman. Luqman, who had been on Interpol’s wanted list for nine years, was arrested by Indonesian police in North Sumatra and handed over to Pakistan. According to a press release by the police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob), the 34-year-old accused, identified as Muhammad Luqman Butt, alias Halaku, was arrested at his rented house along with his wife 33-year-old Evi Lili Midati in Asahan district in Indinesia on Tuesday. The police said Luqman confessed to having murdered four persons in Pakistan and that he had been in Indonesia for the last two years. Some five months ago, he moved to Asahan, not far from the province’s capital of Medan to work as a driver. The police chief investigator in the province, Andi Rian, said the fugitive was arrested upon request of Pakistan authorities, in coordination with Interpol. “After we identified that the fugitive Luqman is in Indonesia, the Interpol national central bureau in Indonesia coordinated with the North Sumatra police to arrest him,” Rian was quoted as saying.

The police seized his Indonesian identity card bearing the name M. Firman with his photo from Butt’s house and citing Asahan as his place of birth.

Luqman confessed that he had murdered four of a family when he was 25 years old. He committed the murder in retaliation to the killing of his brother by one of the deceased and had been on the run ever since. “Two years ago, I entered Indonesia by sea,” said accused Luqman.