October 31 will be marked the most horrific and nightmare in Pakistan railways’ history. It is heart wrenching to note that 73 passengers were killed and dozens injured after a cylinder explosion took spot in Tezgam Express in Rahim yar khan.

We can not bring the lives back we have lost but we can prevent such tragedies in future, if we focus on implementing and enforcing strong laws for railway trains.

Sheikh Rasheed himself has also lost the track. He takes much interest and intervene in other political issues but has forgotten the responsibility the state has handed him over. He feels it a necessity including himself in other issues except railway systems. It has been observed on social media that he is much active in making memes on his oppositional parties but is ignoring the accidents emerging under his supervision. According to the sources, more than four accidents took place in just couple of these days.

Sheikh Rasheed must follow and seek advice from other countries for improving the railway system. And be insisted to his boundary and authorities.

Money you have allocated for the victims does not heal the pains of the beloved ones. The way through which you want a chance to prove is to improve the railway trains with advanced technology working with heart and soul.