ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has totally ignored IJP Road, the condition of which is dilapidating with each passing day. Segment of the road between Faizabad and Pirwadhai is shattered and bulged out at various places as it is frequently used by heavy transport vehicles plying between Peshawar and Lahore and those entering and leaving the I-9 industrial sector. The civic body had started renovation of a portion of the road near Pirwadahi Mor, but the construction work could not be completed even after a period of six long months, which has created a great hurdle in smooth flow of the traffic entering the capital. Similarly, the road swelled near Faizabad is offering serious threats to fast-driven small vehicles and motorcycles. The SSP (Traffic), Zubair Hashmi, Saturday raised the issue with CDA Chairman Kamran Lashari, who ensured him to look into the matter, it was learnt. The two officials also discussed matters regarding the expansion of Islamabad Highway. "It is very horrific that you climb up a mound straight in middle of a flat road while travelling so fast", said a motorcyclist, Saleem Khan, adding that he had a narrow escape from been fallen down on swelled road near Faizabad. He complained that CDA had focused attention only on posh sectors of the federal capital, saying that IJP Road was not attended, as no VVIP used this road. Besides the pity condition, there is no system of cleaning the road, where clouds of dust could be witnessed after each passing vehicles. Moreover, there is no green belt along the road to separate the same from the residential sectors of the I-series. It seems as if it was the fate of the sectors of the I-series to have everything wrong or substandard. It is pertinent to mention here that the IJP Road is used by 90,000 heavy transport vehicles, which is playing an important role in the commercial activities of the capital.