The world’s first political scientist Chanakya said:

“As a single withered tree, if set aflame, causes a whole forest to burn, so does a rascal son destroy a whole family”.

This fits seamlessly to the self-styled jihadist spread across the world, tearing down innocent people into bloody rags while the perpetrators playing God themselves. These morons, who are now known to the world as ISIS, are doing no service to Islam, yet pose as the brand ambassadors of the Muslim Ummah (nation). 

The last thing Muslims of the world needed from these psychopaths is their help. The Muslims in the West and across the world have been doing well in so many fields, but these demons have brought them on the back foot.

They claim they represent Islam and manage to propagate that so well with the help of majority of the global media that now everybody including many of the Muslims themselves have started to believe that they do represent Islam.

Now they’re trying to ignite the communal hatred in Europe by attacking a church in Normandy, France. This was after they found that Europeans figured out their game and were not willing to start a war against the entire Muslim world.

The other who committed suicide by injuring around a dozen – in a selfish quest to Paradise and the 72 virgins – also has done no service to Islam or the poor migrants from across the world who are mostly fleeing this kind of demons in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

In fact that is the whole idea behind the existence of barbaric organizations like ISIS: to enslave human beings and impose their version of belief on them. They want to dent the flow of immigrants because all of the people who flee the war zone were their potential slaves – especially the women to feed their cruel and sadistic sexual fantasies and all under the protection of Hazrat Baghdadi, the pervert who claims to be God’s representative on Earth and has had more luck than his ideals Bin Laden or Zarqawi in dodging the so-called allied strikes against ISIS.

But the reality is different from the fiction as this team of vampires (ISIS) comprises mostly of the low-life, uneducated and disappointed youths who are seeking some shortcut to recognition after not being able to make it into both academic and practical arenas. From Jihadi John to the closet homosexual Omar Mateen all these youths seem to look for some kind of purpose in life.

And alas they get stuck in the net of draconian forces mostly preying after their victims in the so-called mosques, and in cyberspace, to lure the naïve youths into their wars.

“I am a German who was born here in a ghetto”, were the words of the 18-year-old boy who killed at least nine people and injured around 20 before committing suicide with the same gun. What! A ghetto in Germany?

Brother, I would have liked to let you know that German government pays their unemployed citizens a monthly sum, which people from most of the developing world cannot earn through hard labor in a month.

But you still ranted about being poor. So please let me remind you, and the ones like you, that if you lived in a relatively poor locality then that was a failure of your father who could not work and chose to live on the social assistance by the government throughout the life. The poor victims of yours, and their devastated families, had no hand in that.

However, in typical German way the people and the media in this country have been very sensible about the whole global phenomenon of terrorism. For example, nobody rushed to conclude in Germany that it the perpetrators were ISIS or the attack an incident of Islamic terrorism.

Nobody mentioned the origin of the attacker and the stakeholders owned him as a German sociopath. Even when they talk about terrorism they are so well aware of the issue that they pinpoint the root cause of the problem to Salafis instead of branding all the Muslims as terrorists.

The same uproar followed the Paris attacks, when the gunmen and suicide bombers opened fire at innocent people in a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars and left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Later on some of the gunmen were identified as routine visitors to Molenbeek, an area which is known as a hub for jihadists, drug addicts and dealers, gangs, lawlessness and above all as a police no-go zone. In Brussels this particular area is the poorest and is densely populated with many ethnic Moroccans and Turks. Most inhabitants are unemployed and one in four of its 95,000 dwellers do not have a Belgian passport. Due to poverty and unemployment, people are mostly indulged in fanning marginalization and resentment against authorities.

Most of the terrorist attacks in Belgium are traced to this area. Morocan National Ayuoub-el Khazzani, who attacked a high speed Thalys train was a resident of this area. French-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche, who killed four people at Jewish Museum in Brussels, was a routine visitor of this area. Another two suspected terrorists shot dead by Belgian Police in the eastern town of Verviers belonged to Molenbeek.

According to the investigation of Paris attacks some of the attackers were also from the same area and had a criminal record because of some petty crimes. This combination of deprivation and sense of failure with a pinch of poisonous propaganda might have led those youth toward incomprehensible terror.

Personal grudges, more than God’s work, facilitate knife attacks against innocent people.

When they see people who are making progress in west, winning Nobel prizes and becoming the Mayor of London, they feel heartburn out of jealousy and long for achieving something significant in life. They air their grievances through such heinous acts.

The Afghan man who attacked innocent lives in a train in Bavaria was an asylum seeker who came to Germany with a dream of high life. What he found was quite opposite. After waiting too long he got rejected.

In France a delivery driver named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel hit a crowd and mowed down dozens of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. After investigations it was revealed that Bouhlel was a habitual criminal and was known to police because of many other crimes including theft. After committing the violent act with a weapon, he was given a suspended six month prison sentence this year. His father has described him as 'psycho' to the authorities.

Recently a Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman and injured two people with a machete near Stuttgart in Germany. The man was later held by the police. The investigation reveals that the attacker did not carry out this attack out of religious adherence. He had an argument with that pregnant woman and after killing her, he ran in panic.

Emotions are running high in Europe and people are losing patience with the notion of humanity. However, the people of Europe will have to push their governments to undo the mistakes of their colonial past and stop feeding the neo-colonial forces which are wreaking havoc in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

And yes, they will have to seriously tackle the threat of home grown terrorism, while curbing the state and non-state actors from aiding and abetting such evils operating within their territory.

Today there are voices demanding Tony Blair’s trial for Iraq war. People in Europe should also be demanding accountability of those who were running jihadi mosques under the nose of the so called civilized world.

But if the radical extremists of Europe, like Le Pen and company, still insist on calling those the incidents of Islamic terrorism merely because the culprits came from Muslim background then I would advise them to please subtract the total number of people killed by Anders Brevik and Andreas Lübitz alone, from the total number of victims of Muslim psychopaths in recent history.