KARACHI - Murad Ali Shah, who is set to replace Syed Qaim Ali Shah as Sindh Chief Minister after the procedural formalities are completed, hails from village Wahur, Taluka Sewan District Jamshoro. He started his political career in 2002 by getting elected as a Member of Sindh Assembly. In 2008, after being elected as an MPA from Jamshoro, he served as finance minister in Sindh government.

However in the 2013 election he had to face a hurdle as his dual nationality became an issue. However, he crossed the bridge when he sacrificed his dual nationality. He won the election and became finance minister in the cabinet of Syed Qaim Ali Shah once again.

In this capacity he forcefully pleaded Sindh's case with centre on NFC Award and recovery of sales tax on services.

The 54-year-old Murad is an alumni of the prestigious Stanford University where he received MSc degrees in economic systems and civil structure engineering. In 1986 he gained a BE Civil Engineering degree from NED University. He served as engineer in various government and semi government departments.

He is considered a good administrator and quick decision maker.

It is an honour for Murad Ali Shah that he is going to become Sindh's chief eecutive, an office his father Abdullah Shah also held from October 21, 1993 to November 1996. This is the first example of the father and the son holding the same office.

His father Syed Abdullah Shah had also served as Speaker Sindh Assembly and Deputy Speaker. He was also elected a senator in 1991 and remained a member of the House until 1993.

Abdullah Shah had to leave Pakistan in February 1997 after being implicated in scores of corruption cases during the previous tenure of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Ailing Shah returned to Pakistan in 2007 as, the then government allowed him to return on humanitarian grounds keeping in view his deteriorating health.

He died in Karachi on April 14, 2007 after protracted illness.

Analysts say Sindh could be a bumpy road for the new chief minister as the province is already facing a huge number of challenges.