FAISALABAD/OKARA  - PTI has won most of National Assembly seats of the Faisalabad district while mixed results were observed on Punjab Assembly seats. Many big political tycoons lost the elections. Four Former state ministers’ Talal Chaudry, Rana Afzal Khan, Haji Akram Ansari and Abid Sher Ali lost the elections while former provincial law minister also got defeated on his native constituency whereas won on a national assembly slot. Former speaker Punjab assembly Afzal Sahi, his son and nephew badly got defeated on all the three seats despite getting PTI tickets.

As per unofficial results, former MNA of PML-N Asim Nasir as an independent from NA-101 Faisalabad-1 won the elections by defeating Zulqarnain Sahi, nephew of former speaker Punjab Assembly. In PP-97 and PP-98 subsequently Rana Shoib Idress and Azad Ali Tabasum of PML-N won the elections by defeating Afzal Sahi and his son Ali Afzal Sahi.

In NA-102 Faisalabad-2 Nawab Sher Waseer of PTI defeated former state minister Talal Chaudhry. In PP-99 and PP-100 former provincial minister CH Zaheeruddin Khan and his brother Ali Akhtar Khan won the elections on PTI ticket.

In NA-103 and PP-103, elections were postponed due to the suicide of an independent candidate Muhammad Ahmad Mughal. In PP-101 and PP-102 provincial assembly constituencies of NA-103 Faisalabad-3 Ghulam Haider Bari and Adil Pervaiz Gujjar of PTI won the elections. In NA-104 former MNA of PML-N Shahbaz Babar Gujjar won the elections and defeated Dildar Cheema of PTI.

In PP-104 Safdar Shakir of PML-N also bagged the slot while in PP-105 Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmad of PTI bagged the seat. In NA-105 Raza Nasrullah Ghuman of PTI won the seat while in PP-106 Malik Omer Farooq an independent candidate bagged the seat. In PP-107 Shafique Gujjar of PML-N bagged the seat. In NA-106 former provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan defeated PTI’S Dr Nisar Ahmad. In PP-108 and PP-109 Ajmal Asif and Zafar Iqbal Nagra both of PML-N bagged the slots. In NA-107 PTI’s Sheikh Khurrum Shahzad defeated PML-N’s candidate and former state minister Haji Akram Ansari who had been elected as a member National Assembly for five times in past.

In PP-110 and PP-111 Khayal Kastro and Khalil Shahid both PTI candidates won the elections. In NA-108 central deputy secretary general of PTI Mian Farrukh Habib bagged the seat; he defeated former state minister Ch Abid Sher Ali. In PP-112 Mian Tahir Jamil of PML-N and in PP-113 Mian Waris Aziz of PTI won the elections. Mian Waris Azizi of PTI in PP-113 defeated former provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan. In NA-109 Faiz Ullah Kamoka of PTI won the elections by defeating PMLN’s former MNA Mian Abdul Manan.

In PP-114 Latif Nazir of PTI defeated PML-N’s city president and former MPA Ejaz. In PP-115 another provincial assembly slot of NA-109 former secretary district bar association and PML-N candidate Rana Ali Abbass bagged the seat. In NA-110 former senior provincial minister Raja Raiz Ahmad Khan, a PTI candidate won the seat. He defeated former state minister Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan. In PP-116 Faqeer Hussain Dogar of PML-N and in PP-117 Mehar Hamid Rashid of PML-N bagged the slots.

Except one seat won by PTI candidate Rai Hammad Raza, the PML-N swept the district Okara elections. Even the most experienced politician Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo and his two children lost their elections. There are four seats of National Assembly including NA-141, NA-142, NA-143, NA-144, and eight seats of provincial assembly including PP-183, PP-184,  PP-185, PP-186, PP-187, PP-188, PP-189, PP-190, in the district, as one NA seat was divided into  two PP seats. 

In NA-141 the former State Minister Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bokhari was defeated by Chaudhry Nadeem Abbas Rubera. In NA-144 former CM Punjab Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo faced defeat against Mian Moeen Khan Wattoo. Mian Manzoor Ahmad’s son Khurram Jahangir Khan Wattoo and daughter Robina Shaheen were also defeated as PTI candidates on provincial seats in the same NA constituency.

In NA-142 the PML-N candidate Chaudhry Riazul Haq Juj defeated the PTI candidate Rao Hassan Sikandar. The two PP seats in this constituency were also won by the PML-N candidates Mian Yawar Zaman and Chaudhry Munibul Haq. In NA-143 the PML-N candidate Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan defeated the PTI candidate Syed Gulzar Sibtain Shah.


. The two PP seats of NA-143 were also won by the PML-N candidates Ali Abbas Khokhar and Syeda Jugnu Mohsin (Independent). Only in PP-190 the PTI candidate Rai Hammad Aslam could win his seat. In PP-183 the PML-N candidate Javed Allauddin won the seat. In this way only one PP candidate of PTI and Syeda Jugnu Mohsin independent could win their seats. All other NA and PP seats were won by the PML-N candidates.