The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday ordered Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to auction its land in a suo motu case of encroachments on the authority's property.   

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday had taken a suo motu notice of 22 encroachments on land owned by LDA in different parts of Punjab's capital, Lahore. 

As the hearing went under way in the Supreme Court's Lahore registry, the Chief Justice instructed the LDA Director-General (DG) Amna Imran Khan to present terms and conditions of the auction before the court tomorrow. CJP Nisar ordered LDA to submit the auction report to the Supreme Court, reserving the right of the final decision. 

The Supreme Court ordered LDA to auction its land on reasonable prices. 

During the hearing where owners of oil companies and petrol pumps were present, Justice Nisar observed that Pakistan State Oil's (PSO) commission was significantly high. 

Justice Saqib Nisar said the land could be allotted through the auction to those who would fulfil the terms and conditions. "The lease fee was Rs 3,000 before it was increased to Rs 15,000," Justice Nisar noted, adding that there was no shortage of interested buyers for the land.  

Moreover, the Chief Justice ordered the auction to be completed within 15 days after the approval of terms and conditions.