SARGODHA/GUJRANWALA   -  The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) made a clean sweep in districts Sargodha and Gujranwala in the general elections.

It won 4 seats of National Assembly among five in Sargodha while re-counting is going on in the fifth constituency. In Sargodha district elections were held on 5 seats of National Assembly and 10 seats of Provincial Assembly. As unofficial and undefined results in NA-88 PML-N candidate Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Barth achieved 81555 votes and his opponent Nadeem Afzal Chan took 71500 votes for second position. Nadeem Afzal Chan had left Pakistan People’s Party and contested election on Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) ticket.

In NA-89 Barrister Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha, former federal minister of state, achieved 114245 votes on PML-N ticket and defeated PTI candidate Usama Ghias Mela who gained 113422 votes. NA-90 Sargodha city PML-N former federal parliamentary secretary Ch Hamid Hameed secured 93948 votes. His opponent Dr Nadia Aziz achieved 85220 votes. She had recently joined PTI after saying good bye to PML-N. PML-N candidate Dr Zulfiquar Ali Bhatti and PTI candidate Amir Sultan Cheema contested election in NA-91. However re-counting of votes is underway for that constituency.

Amir Sultan Cheema had joined PTI after quit PML-Q. In NA-92 PML-N candidate Syed Javeed Hussnain Shah became victorious with 96421 votes against PTI candidate Naeem-ul-Din Sialvi nephew of Pir of Sial Shairf Khawaja Hameed-ul-Din Sialvi who has collected 65700 votes.

In Punjab Assembly seats PML-N obtained 6 from 10 while PTI got 4 seats. In PP-72 PML-N candidate Sohaib Ahmed Barth defeated PTI candidate Hassan Inam Paracha. In PP-73 PML-N candidate Yasir Zafar Sandhu has won. PP-74 PML-N candidate Manazir Ali Ranjha defeated PTI district president Ansar Iqbal Haral. In PP-75 Ch. Muneeb Sultan Cheema PTI candidate became winner against PML-N candidate Umer Farooq Kalyar. PTI candidate Faisal Farooq Cheema defeated PML-N candidate Kamil Shamail Gujjar in PP-76. In PP-77 PML-N candidate Dr Liaquat Ali Khan won the election.

In PP-78 PTI candidate Ansar Majeed Niazi won against PML-N candidate Amara Rizwan Gill. In PP-79 PML-N Rana Manawar Ghous has won. In PP-80 PTI candidate Ghulam Ali Asghar Lahri defeated PML-N candidate Taimoor Ali Khan. In PP-81 PTI candidate Iftkhar Gondal won against PML-N candidate Javeed Hussnain Shah. In election 2018 PPP, MMA and independent candidates failed to get any seat in Sargodha district while Jamatul Dawa head Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed’s son Hafiz Talah Saeed also faced failure.

Also in Gujranwala PML-N has a clean sweep and won all the national and provincial assembly seats. None PTI nor PPPP and not any other party succeeded to get even a single seat from here, like 2013 general elections, PML-N candidates also got all the 6 national and 14 provincial assembly seats of district Gujranwala. 

In NA-79 PML-N candidate Dr Nisar Ahmed Cheema defeated his rival Muhammad Ahmed Chatha of PTI with a heavy margin, Dr. Nisar Cheema got 142545 votes while Muhammad Ahmed Chatha  secured 118709 votes. In NA-80, Ch. Mehmood Bashir Virk of PML(N) remained first with 108653 votes while Mian Tariq Mehmood of PTI could got 71937 votes. At NA-81 PML(N) candidate former defense minister defeated his rival with a clear margin by getting 130837 votes while PTI candidate Ch Siddique Mehar remained second with 88166 votes. On NA-82 Barrister Usman Ibrahim of PML(N) won the seat securing 117520 votes, Barrister Ali Ashraf Mughal of PTI remained runner up with 67400 votes.

Result of NA-83 is yet to be announced but according to unofficial result Ch Zulifqar Bhinder of PML(N) has won the constituency and Rana Nazir Ahmed of PTI remained second here. In NA-84 PML(N) candidate Azhar Qayyum Nahro defeated his rival Billal Ejaz of PTI. Azher Qayyum Nahra got 119612 votes while Bilal Ejaz remained second with 89728 votes.

As it is PML(N) has also got all the Provincial Assembly seats in Gujranwala. According to result at PP-51 Shaukat Manzoor Cheema of PML(N) won the constituency by securing 59267 votes while his rival Muhammad Shabbir Akram of PTI could got 27431 votes. In PP-52 PML(N) candidate Adil Buxsh Chatha defeated the PTI candidate Ch. Muhammad Ahmed Chatha. Adil Chatha got 55710 while Ahmed Chatha secured 54597 votes.

In PP-53 Billal Farooq Tarrar of PML(N) won by getting 45298 votes and Jamal Nasir Cheema of PTI remained second with 35013 votes. in PP-54 PML(N) candidate Imran Khalid Butt remained first with 58257 votes while his rival Rizwan Aslam Butt of PTI secured 49800 votes. At PP-55 Nawaz Chohan of PML(N) won by securing 36869 votes, his rival Mian Arqam Khan of PTI got 225777 and remained runner up. On PP-56 Taufeeq Butt of PML(N) declared successful with  45377 votes while his rival Ch Tariq Gujjar of PTI could got only 29056 votes.

In PP-57 Ashraf Ali Ansari of PML(N) won by getting 56504 votes, while Lala Asad Ullah Papa could got 40697 votes. In PP-58 PML(N) candidate Haji Abdul Rauf Mughal was declared successful with 44232 votes and S.A Hameed of PTI secured 28503 votes. At PP-59 Waqar Cheema of PML(N) defeated his rival Sohail Zafar Cheema by securing 40046 votes who got only 20483 votes. In PP-60 PML(N) candidate Qaiser Iqbal Sandhu declared successful with 39799 votes while Ch Zafar Ullah Cheema of PTI got 29993 votes.

At PP-61 Ch. Akhter Ali of PML(N) won the constituency by securing  44894 votes while his rival Ehsan Ullah Virk of PTI could got 29288 votes. In PP-62 Haji Aman Ullah Warriach of PML(N) defeated his rival Shazia Mazher of PTI with a clear margin. Aman Ullah Warriach secured 46913 votes while Shazia Mazhar could get 25878 votes.

At PP-63 Ch. Muhammad Iqbal Gujjar of PML(N) won with 30460 votes while Rana Umer Nazir remained second by securing 23845 votes. At PP-64 PML(N) candidate Irfan Bashir Gujjar defeated his rival Khalid Pervez Virk of PTI by securing 46665 votes, while Khalid Pervez Virk remained second with 39100 votes. After announcement of the result big number of PML(N) workers and voters gathered at the winners houses and offices and enjoyed the victory.