SIALKOT-The PML-N and PTI launched election campaign here on Tuesday with renewed promises of steering the country out of crises if voted into power.

PTI's senator Ch Muhammad Sarwar reached Sialkot to launch the campaign of PTI candidate Usman Dar in NA-73 constituency.

Addressing a meeting of the party workers, Ch Sarwar said that prevailing political scenario in the country has raised the curtains from the corrupt politicians who ruthlessly plundered the national exchequer.

He said that the PTI was a party of the people who were sincere, loyal and patriotic. He said that it was the great luck of the people of Pakistan as they have a great leader in the shape of Imran Khan. He said Imran will lead the country and make it prosperous as envisaged by the Father of The Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Hakeemul Ummat Allama Iqbal.

Sarwar said that the PTI will make a clean sweep in the 2018 general elections.

He said that now it was the time for PTI to rule the mature people of Pakistan will bring PTI to power with the power of their vote on July 25, 2018.

Likewise, PML-N candidate in Sialkot city's constituency NA-73, Sialkot-II Khawaja Asif started his election campaign by visiting door-to-door to seek full support from the local people.

He is five-time winner in the constituency. He is now flexing his muscles to complete his double hat trick after the winning the 2018 general elections.

The PTI has fielded Usman Dar against Khawaja Asif in the constituency, with high claims to give "tough time" to Khawaja Asif to clinch the seat.

Addressing a meeting of the party workers, Khawaja Asif said that the PML-N will win the 2018 general elections on its five-years performance.

He said that the PML-N was striving to ensure dignity, honour and respect of vote and voters.

He said that only the PML-N has the full capabilities to pull the country out from the prevailing internal and external dangers besides foiling all the conspiracies.

He said that now the PTI has become a "filth depot" having garbage in the shape of the political dissidents from the other political parties. PTI was now the party of the dissidents, he added.

Meanwhile, PTI Sambrial President Amjad Iqbal Cheema joined PML-N and announced his unconditional support to the latter's candidate Rana Shamim Ahmed in NA-76 and Ch Arshad Javaid Warraich in PP-44 constituency.

Iqbal Cheema's joining of PML-N could be a setback to PTI in Sambrial city, local people said.