MULTAN-PTI Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has alleged that mayor's office and state resources are being utilized to run the election campaign of his opponent PML-N candidate, wife of former provincial minister Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain.

"But the election commission and all other concerned departments are silent. Mayor Multan, his staff and Municipal Corporation staff are exploiting state resources.

We demand election commission and caretaker government to take notice otherwise we'll stage demonstrations," he warned while addressing a workers convention here at UC-14 on Tuesday.

He said that the election commission had made tall claims that transparent and fair elections would be held but the PML-N candidates are violating election code in broad daylight which is pre-poll rigging. He said that although the PML-N government had ended, its representatives in the local government are active in the form of administration. He said that he would file a written complaint with the election commission besides sending application to the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister.

He declared that Multan would be turned into Larkana of PTI and the party would emerge triumphant in 2018 elections. He said that people of Pakistan have decided that they would bring change and would not try already tried people. He said that the PTI is fully prepared to replicate in Punjab in 2018 what it did in KPK in 2013 elections.

He criticized Nawaz Sharif and said that he demanded respect for vote but he never gave respect to voter. He maintained that Nawaz Sharif came to power with the help of people's votes but he always insulted public representatives who got elected by people through their vote.



The district council Multan has evolved and announced a code of ethics (CoE) for election publicity and divided the district into 11 zones for the implementation of the code.

The District council sources said that the council has fixed the sizes of cloth banner, poster, pamphlet and portraits while panaflex has been banned. Sources said that strict action would be taken against those who would violate the code of ethics.

Sources said that the posters up to the 18 x 23 inches, pamphlets 9 x 6, banners 3 x 9 foot and portraits 2 x 3 foot would be permitted. However, the display of posters, banners, pamphlets or portraits will not be allowed on walls and buildings. Similarly, the candidates have been restricted to get the publicity stuff printed from taxpaying printers and the name of the printer must be printed on the banner.

Sources said that the publicity material would have the picture of only candidate and use of all kinds of flax material would be banned. Any poster or banner displayed by a worker would also be counted as the one displayed by the candidate himself.

Sources disclosed that the teams formed for the implementation of election code of conduct were headed by different officers. Zone-1, 11 & 111 will be supervised by Faheem Ahmad and Mian Khalid, Zone-1V, V & V1 Chaudhry Arif and Chaudhry Riaz, Zone V11, V111 & 1X Shahzad Ahmad and Ch Khalid Javed and Zone-X and X1 Faiz Rasool and Javed Iqbal.