ISLAMABAD-The city managers on Wednesday headed toward the bigwigs of the city and issued notices to several motels and hotels including the Islamabad Club to remove their encroachments from Murree Road but avoided to address the core illegality done by most of them.

The notices were served to the premises including motels/hotels and the club located along the Murree Road for immediate removal of encroachments and other installations established on the right of way or beyond the plot line of Building Control Section (BCS) of the authority.

Though, the city mangers issued notices over encroachments but at the same time ignored the bigger violation that most of the said plots fall under non-conforming use.

The said strip was allocated for construction of motels only with an aim to provide lodging facilities only, especially to cater the needs of sports events, which were planned to be organised in the area.

However, later with the help of the CDA, the owners converted the plots to commercial ventures and established full-fledge hotels for which the area was never earmarked.

A senior officer of the authority commented that the BCS should serve lease termination notices instead of giving notices for removal of their encroachments only as violation of the lease agreement is a bigger illegality then the encroachments.

The BCS in connection with ongoing vigorous anti-encroachment drive have served notices to the motels / hotels including Embassy Lodge, Best Western, Dream Land Motel, Majestic Banquets and Ramada to remove barriers, guard rooms, entry gates, iron grills, generators and other constructions and encroachments established on the right of way of the Murree Road. Furthermore, Islamabad Club has also been served notice to remove the boundary wall and other installations established on the right of way of the road. These notices have been served under the clause 49-C of CDA Ordinance 1960.

The hotels / motels located along the Murree Road have been using the right of way of Murree Road as parking or for other purposes. In the past no action in this regard was taken. However, in continuation of CDA’s ongoing anti-encroachment drive in the city, action is being taken across the board without any discrimination and fear or favour. Through the notices issued, managements of these premises have been directed to immediately remove all installations made on the right of way failing which CDA will conduct an operation to vacate the right of way.

In the meanwhile, CDA along with ICT Administration carried out anti-encroachment operation along the IJP Road at Mohalla Aliabad opposite Social Security Hospital. During this operation, encroachments and constructions established on the Right of Way of the IJP Road were targeted.

For identification of the encroachments and constructions established on right of way of the IJP Road, demarcation in the area was conducted by relevant formation of the authority. Through demarcation, it was pointed that several huge constructions are illegally carried out by occupying the ROW of IJP Road. Subsequently, notices, under CDA ordinance were served to occupants of these premises for removal of constructions.

However, after the expiry of deadline, CDA and ICT carried out a joint operation on Wednesday and demolished 80 rooms, 25 wash rooms, 15 kitchens and 20 boundary walls were demolished.

During this operation, 200 meter (approx) strip of ROW was got vacated from illegal occupants.