KARACHI - ICC applied double standard in treating eight participating teams in the recently held ICC Women's World Cup in Sydney and unfortunately it was Pakistan which was given shabby treatment regarding the provision of food and accommodation during the championship. According to information gathered here Thursday from different sources, the event manger of the ICC Chris Tetley provided accommodation to Pakistan team in a hotel located close to the known red light area in the port city whereas other seven teams were given hotels in posh and respectable areas of Sydney. When Pakistani team officials expressed their resentment on the location of the accommodation, the event manager was not pushed to redress the complaint immediately knowing very well that they were hurting feelings of the members of Pakistan women's team who all come from respectable families. The most shocking part of the mistreatment of Pakistan team was that where as all other teams were accommodated throughout the competition in a top rated hotel, it was only Pakistan which for about a week was accommodated in an area of Sydney known only for entertainment. On arrival in Sydney, Pakistan checked in hotel Menzies where all other teams were accommodated but things changed suddenly when the team went to Canberra to play against Sri Lanka in the pool league which they won. On return from the Australian capital, instead of taking Pakistan team to hotel Menzies, it was taken to Hotel Vibe Rushcutter situated at a location close to a sleazy area of the city. Sri Lankan team which also returned with Pakistan from Canberra however was taken to Hotel Menezies. Pakistan team management was flabbergasted by the double standards of the ICC event manager. Not only in accommodation but even in providing food to the team during match days, the ICC was not of much help. Prior to leaving for Sydney, Pakistan had already informed ICC to arrange Halal food which is easily available in Sydney. Though the needed food was served but the quality of the food was poor. On each match day, the lunch menu consisted of boiled rice and boiled white gram with halal sausages. The Pakistani players found it difficult to relish the lunch. The strangest part of ICC bias towards Pakistan was evident long before the first ball was bowled in the championship. While issuing the detailed match schedule, the ICC had already discarded Pakistan and South Africa from the super six against the accepted practice that the names of the teams would only be finalised for the second stage after the group competition. Sri Lanka were given place in the super six but the Island nation team lost that place after losing to Pakistan. South Africa was the second team that failed to reach the second stage. The ICC was so sure that Pakistan would not reach second super six stage that they issued return tickets to the entire Pakistani contingent for March 15 but they had to eat the humble pie when Pakistan defied all odds to reach the second stage. Usually in high profile competition like the Women's Cup which the ICC was holding first time, proper media facilities should have been arranged but the media facilities were available at the minimal and only at the main championship hotel. There was no facility to file reports from other grounds. Traveling arrangements for the teams particularly for the opening ceremony at Sydney Opera house was not only inadequate but missing. All the teams were asked to walk over half an hour to reach the opera house. In the absence of proper food, Pakistani players depended on fast food and some times ate at an expensive Indian joint.