Over the past few decades, the information technology industry has developed into the be all end all in the realms of science and technology – the one to rule them all – giving birth to what is known as the “digital era”. The reason behind this development is quite simple: IT – particularly its subfield of AI or artificial intelligence – is the science that governs, controls, regulates, and connects all other fields in the world, be they sciences, faculties of engineering, technology, education, or even business.

The world has long known what our country is just coming to terms with: artificial intelligence is the future. Countries and industries around the globe have been using information technology to develop their businesses by gaining unprecedented expansion. And thanks to a new tech startup, Mountainise, businesses in Pakistan, too, can now benefit from the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to further their causes – i.e. business intelligence, business process management, conversion rate sales optimisation, sales, profits, and, above all, reach a customized experience of successful customer journey. Vision didn’t stop with this limitations, next phase will combine the power of artificial intelligence in Blockchain industry as well as for cyber security.

The idea of Mountainise was conceived by the brainy tech mastermind and digital marketer, Muhammad Jalil Nawaz, who has years of experience working with digital transformation, performance marketing, and machine learning implementation. Mountainise believes in utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to promote performance marketing by setting up data analytics teams and execute the plans envisioned by their customers. In their own words, Mountainise seeks to employ to improve business operations, analysis and data-driven marketing in order to “analyze consumer behavior, choose customer segments that are most likely to be interested, and optimize strategies and efforts campaigns to increase conversion decrease surplus resources”. In simple words, Mountainise takes your business goals, amplifies and executes them with the help of innovative solution developed in python and digital marketing, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They also boast a team of 25 very talented individuals and expanding their partnership with similar interest holder, as well as having worked with and for certain Fortune 500 clients, as well as Yahoo larger scale industries in financial, operations and consumer markets!

But what is that makes Mountainise special? Which element sets it apart from its international competitors? Surely, the biggest businesses in the country could very easily hire the services of Mountainise’s competitors from across the globe?

Mountainise’s aim was not to replicate its international competitors like sales force and Adobe, but to go one step farther. It claims to have found the missing links and data anomalies in business processes and offers better customisability to its clients to provide service that is creases-free and tailor-made just for them. What’s even better is that Mountainise aims not only to work for large enterprises but also for smaller ones, in order to help them gain that much-needed boost that could take their businesses to the next level – even if it means a smaller paycheck for the digital marketers, themselves.

Indeed, the exploits of Mountainise are a feather in the nation’s cap.