OKARA-The Okara-Depalpur Highway should be widened into dual carriageway, demand the people of Okara, Depalpur, Hujra Shah Moqeem, Basirpur, Haveli, Faisalabad, Kasur, Minchanabad and Pakpattan.

The situation was brought to the surface in a survey which depicted Depalpur Road as communication centre. All the traffic of the above mentioned areas passes through Depalpur while leading to Okara and back.

Thus a very heavy traffic remains on the 25km Okara-Depalpur road round the clock. On account, the narrow width of the road also causes accidents.

It is the matter of about daily happening that one, two or more accidents occure on the road and published in the papers daily.

Besides, the traffic on the road is kept in high acceleration particularly by the passenger buses, vans and cars. Sometimes problem is faced when a vehicle has to pass the loaded truck or tractor-trolleys as there is no sufficient space left on the road. So, accidents occur.

The road has turned into an industrial passage, as enormous industries have been established there and more are emerging. The narrow road problem turns to be a trouble in sugarcane crushing season when cane laden trucks, tractor-trolleys do not let the other traffic pass.

The people of the areas demanded govt sufficiently widen the road to avoid accidents in which precious lives are spoiled.


A man murdered his daughter and got a criminal case registered against his rivals in village 36-A/4L. Yasin had A land dispute with his relatives Allah Ditta, Zohaib and Sabir and the matter is also subjudice. Yasin shot dead his own daughter Kainaat, 11, and started playing role of an utterly grieved father and blamed his rivals for killing his daughter. The police took active role in investigation.

District Police Officer Hassan Asad Alvi constituted an investigation team consisting of DSP Chaudhry Ziaul Haq, SHO Shahbore NawabAhmad Dogar and ASI Naeem Khan. During initial investigation the team fell doubt about the murder of the girl by his rivals. The forensic lab tests were conducted. And confessed to his crime during investigation just to implicate his rivals in the murder case.