I would like to draw the attention of the chief of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad towards agonies of his daily wages employees. We were appointed as senior auditors in BPS 15 on daily wages basis. Most of our colleagues, who could approach influential people, were confirmed on their posts. Why is the Authority victimizing us? The advertisement for appointments by the Authority had said that these posts are on permanent basis but later, we were shocked to know that our appointments were made on daily wages basis. The authority fixed Rs. 250 per day for us. It does not pay us for Sunday and other gazzetted holidays. Our average per month salary is no more than Rs 5000. I would like to ask the bosses of CDA that how can a person live in this amount? Most senior auditors are Masters degree holders but their salary is below that of the labourers with fixed salaries. This also negates the recent statement made by Prime Minister Gilani on World Labour Day that the minimum salary of all would be Rs 6000. We request the CDA authorities to regularize our services. -ASLAM KHAN, SHAHID IQBAL, WAQAR KIANI, SOHAIL IQBAL, Directorate of audit and accounts, CDA Islamabad., via e-mail, May 10.