Faisalabad             -        Eid ul Fitr was celebrated in Faisalabad Division with simplicity due to issues of coronavirus and incident of passenger plane crash at Karachi. The Divisional and District administration had made comprehensive administrative and security arrangements in order to observance of Eid ul Fitr in a smooth and peaceful manner. After the Eid prayers Divisional Commisioner Ishrat Ali and  Deputy Commisioner Muhammad Ali visited the Al Faisal Markaz Nabina and met with blind persons.  They presented Eid greeting and presented gifts to them. AC Saddar Umar Maqbool, DD Social Welfare Khalid Bashir, DHO Dr. Bilal and others were also present on the occasion.  Expressing their views Divisional Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner said that blind persons were the main segment of the society, however, they could not see around them but God has gifted them a special sense and they imagine the life.

They said that divisional and district administration had left no stone to solve the problems of blind persons.

Later, Commissioner and Deputy Commisioner visited Old Age Home at Narwala road and met with elderly persons living at the center due to some home issues.

They presented Eid greetings and gifts to them and asked about their health.