ISLAMABAD            -          Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik has expressed serious concerns over the recent increase in coronavirus cases in the country.

He feared that the country will have a drastic increase in the positive cases of coronavirus in upcoming days as after easing the lockdown before Eid, neither the people were observing social distancing nor the government was implementing the SOPs. 

In a statement issued here yesterday, he said that markets before Eid were full with violations of SOP given by the government protect from Coronavirus and control its further spread. He said that government failed to implement the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan to maintain social distancing. 

He said that Pakistan has now become a bank with a rich deposit of coronavirus during Eid Holidays because of freely transfer of virus.

He said that people were roaming freely in markets with no idea that they were actually buying death for themselves and their loved ones. He said that there were neither announcements on local speakers to maintain social distances and follow the preventive measures nor Police could control the rush and flow of people in markets.

He also expressed his concerns over the worst locust attack and asked the government for serious measures on war footings rather advising farmers to beat drums to run away the locusts. 

Senator Malik said that the government’s great advice to the farmers to beat drums to make the locust run away from their ready crops is ridiculous as why the government is not using any spray. 

He questioned if the government identify the place of its growth to destroy it in coordination with other neighbouring countries. “For God’s sake be serious as beating the drums is not the solution.

Senator A. Rehman Malik further said that the government is not seriously trying to kill this issue while farmers are in great trouble. He questioned that why the government is not coordinating efforts with provinces to destroy it and get rid of this serious threat to food security. 

He advised that the government should hold regional conference of South Asian and central Asian countries to devise a common strategy to ensure the end of locusts.