PPPP ministers or party leaders try to imitate delivering their speeches in the style of MR Z.A. Bhutto or Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto forgetting their inherent comparative caliber .It could in ninety five percent cases 1:100.In remainder five, it could be 2:100. They are pigmies in knowledge, vision, experience, personality. They think by raising hands in sky, shouting clichs, lying, back tracting, retractions they can make fool of people as if they are a stuff of 60s is their first fallacious pyshe. Their insincerity to poor is time and again exposed. For instance: new electricity tariff adjustments. Raise the tariff to 71 percent, then forty percent and out of forty slash thirteen to sound giving concession yet all extracted from poor their taxes, GSTs when oil prices in world have gone down by about 85 dollar per barrel. Whom do fool? Only yourself: to appease IMF, USA, UK, NATO to compromise your sovereignty for power vested objectives. Trust deficit is biggest curse?-GHULAM OMAR, Mardan, via e-mail, November 15.