KARACHI - It was a simple case of shutting the door of the barn after the horse had bolt away or the damage to Pakistans credibility was done when Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) took up the case late of shifting Pakistans Davis Cup tie against Lebanon to the Middle Eastern country. The PTF has accused the mother body International Tennis Federation (ITF) of taking an arbitrary decision to shift Pakistans Davis Cup tie to Lebanon without consulting the original host Pakistan. The secretary of the PTF Mumtaz Yousaf has informed the national media how the ITF took the decision giving security concern as the reason to take away the fixture. The national tennis body had expressed PTFS surprise and regrets over taking the fixture to Lebanon. After so called Arab Spring revolt in various Arabic speaking countries and unsettled situation in Syria Lebanon may face some concerns about security as well. The Davis Cup tie between Pakistan and Lebanon is due to take place in February 2012 but the ITF took the decision months in advance instead of waiting and watching the security situation and ground reality in Pakistan which in recent years had improved. It is pertinent to mention that in September this year at the ITF AGM held in Thailand, the patron of the PTF Senator Syed Dilawar Abbas, who had served as president of the national tennis body for a good number of years, had pleaded the case of this country for hosting Pak-Lebanon Davis Cup fixture in Pakistan. He had impressed upon the members of the ITF and Lebanon to play in Pakistan and had assured all security to the visiting team. However, the PTF did not follow up the progress made at the ITF AGM and decided late to inform the ITF about its reservations on the shifting decision. Though the PTF had in advance made full arrangements to hold the tie and had also assured fool proof security plan and had given it to the ITF in time. Even Lebanon at one time had shown its willingness to play in Pakistan but the ITF allegedly took an arbitrary decision based on general conception on security situation in Pakistan and gave the fixture to Lebanon. It is important to note that during the last four to five years, international teams have refused to come to Pakistan to play matches in a number of sports. Cricket and hockey suffered the most followed by the tennis. Though the ITF provides additional funds to the PTF to meet the extra expenses involved in playing abroad their home fixtures yet money could not compensate the losses that Pakistan suffer in terms of its reputation. It also put Pakistan Davis Cup campaign in reverse gear. Pakistan loses the home advantage and selection of surface when playing home fixtures abroad and usually could not perform according to its strength. PTF president Syed Kaleem Imam had already put in place arrangements of the said tie and other related matters that included security, accommodation and transportation. For the sake of providing security, the Defence Club Lahore was selected as venue of the fixture but the ITF placed spanner in Pakistans tennis work when it shifted the venue to Lebanon on the pretext of law and order situation without consulting PTF or sending some one to Pakistan to check out the security satiation on the ground. The PTF had already lodged a strong appeal to ITF to reconsider and revise its decision and continue with the Davis Cup tie between Pakistan and Lebanon to be held at Lahore.