Here is an open letter to the man who just came up with yet another “issue” as he likes to call it). This is not the first time Waqar Zaka has spiced up a controversy and this time around, the social media activist has chosen the two “SS” who have contributed to the film industry of Pakistan; Sharmeen and Shoaib.

In his recent video, the ‘dare-devil’ targeted both Shoaib Mansoor and Sharmeen Obaid by claiming that the two have done nothing for the country except for cashing the negative aspects of the country. Here’s what he had to say:

I am writing a reply to these outrageous claims because Mr Wakar Zaka definitely needs to understand the fact that highlighting social issues such as rape, overpopulation, exploitation of women in this patriarchal society, misuse of power by the feudal lords, does not really come down to cashing the bad image of Pakistan. Turning a blind eye towards the prevalent times of turmoil and flaunting the positivity only, applying the ‘all-good, all-set’ strategy ultimately, will it really help spread awareness in chaotic situations? That is the question and we would very much like this to be answered.

In the movies produced by Shoaib Mansoor, we not only see the taboos being highlighted, but also the much positive aspects of the country. The movie Khuda Ke Liye that portrayed Shaan Shahid as the protagonist representing Pakistan as a peaceful country filled with gems. The movie, furthermore, clarifies a lot of religious controversies as well. Bol, another legendary production by Shoman successfully accentuated the social issues which needed to be brought under consideration. Verna, the third and another thought-provoking film gave a strong message against the misuse of power, leaving everyone wondering where we are heading.

Sharmeen Obaid, the Oscar winner is also looked down upon by some people in the society for portraying a 'negative image' of the country but little do they realise the changes her documentary brought to the society afterwards.

“As a filmmaker, that’s the biggest reward — to see the tremendous change you can bring about in your country,” said Sharmeen after the tremendous success of her documentary 'A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.'

This is what Waqar Zaka and people of the similar mindset need to realise that the sole purpose of cinema is not only to provide you with entertainment. A thought-provoking script that makes you connect with the character and leaves you question the prevalent conditions in the end, is something worth your time.

Having said all that, I would like to question Mr Waqar Zaka for his claims – Is a pre-planned show that strives to attain more ratings than to aware people, better than the commercial movies with strong messages and entertainment at the same time? Are shows like Desi Kuriyan and Living on the Edge, merely based on the already produced Hollywood and Bollywood reality shows, enough to both aware and entertain?

It is high time we realise that in these turbulent times, entertainment should not be our only concern. We need to accept the hardcore and harsh realities of life as well…