Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar on Tuesday pledged to take all the possible measure for the betterment of the society.

While talking in an interview with a private news channel in London, the chief justice shared, “The nation pays their hard-earned money as taxes and we cannot allow people to loot it", adding that accountability should be done without discrimination and.

The top judge requested the nation to remain calm and believe in courts for justice as accountability process will be launched against the corrupt people without discrimination.

“ Under the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) governor, a team has been formed to bring back looted money to the country,” he said. “A protocol signed with Britain through which we have received important information regarding properties owned by Pakistanis.”

“Pakistanis who own properties in Britain were not sharing details. I had selected 15 Pakistanis who own properties in Britain of which seven appeared before the court and further investigations in this regard are underway," he continued.

The top further said, “There is a lot of room for improvement in NAB laws.” “There is no other way except for accountability without discrimination and with justification,” he added.

Justice Nisar said, he is thinking of forming a bench to keep an eye on the money spent from the dam fund so the money cannot be used for any other purpose.

The CJP is currently visiting the UK to raise funds for the construction of Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dams.