KARACHI - Pakistan host first conference of Islamic organisations working in female teenagers held at Regent Plaza here the other day.

President of Islami Jamiat Talibaat Pakistan, Miss Ayesha Faheem said that it is of utmost importance that we shift our focus from minor differences to major common goals. Allah guides us to come together on points of mutual agreement.

Speaker Dr Kanwal Qaiser of Alhuda International attended the conference. Representatives of 10 organisations working to spread knowledge of Islam in female student also attended the conference.

The conference comprises of three sessions. The first session on stumbling blocks of our educational institutions began by a thought provoking speech of Nida Faisal on role of an educational institution in shielding faith. She placed great emphasis on addiction and how technology has become an addiction for youth in modern era.

An excellent inspirational session on epidemic of atheism was held by Maham who is a representative of youth club. According to science, every action has a reaction and when correlating with big bang theory if explosion was a reaction then minds can’t deny that action was by the command of God. The patterned designs of every creation are different which leads to concept of someone who is supreme in abilities and power.

The second session of reevaluating our faith was continued by speaker Mahrukh Akhtar who enlightened the confusions of a young mind. The modern days complex of body concerns, language and problem of handling education and marriage can be overcome if we stay firm and confident upon the basics of our faith.

The third session on revolting against present day stereotypes consisted of inspirational speeches on opening up to diversity of opinion in religious thought and role of family in shaping minds. The role of family is undeniable very important in character development of young ones and an open environment should be available in order to discuss the problems faced by youth of modern era.

In the concluding session a panel discussion was held regarding challenges faces by the institutions in attracting youth towards Islam.