LAHORE - A 40-year-old man killed his four-year-old son and ex-wife before shooting himself in the head on a busy road in Lytton Road police precincts on Monday afternoon.

The deceased were identified by police as Usman, his 36-year-old wife Ayesha, and four-year-old son Irtaza. The bodies were shifted to the morgue for autopsy.

Resident of Islamabad, Ayesha and her son Irtaza arrived in Lahore a couple of days ago to attend a wedding ceremony. Usman had requested Ayesha for a brief meeting with his son as he came to know that Ayesha and Irtaza arrived in Lahore.

On the day of incident, Usman contacted Ayesha by phone and requested her that he wanted to see his son. Ayesha along with her sister and son met Usman somewhere in Lahore. Then they hired Uber to travel in the city.

Ayesha’s sister told the police that they were riding in a car with Uber when Usman exchanged harsh words with his ex-wife over some issue.

“When the driver stopped the car, Usman came out of the vehicle and opened straight fire on his wife and son. Then he shot himself in the temple,” a police official quoted the woman and saying.

Rescue workers said Usman and Aeysha died on the spot while their son Irtaza succumbed to bullet injuries at the hospital later. The gun-attack took place near LOS bus-stop on the Ferozpur Road in broad daylight. The police also seized a pistol from the crime scene.

Forensic experts and Crime Scene Unit officials also visited the spot for evidence collection. The police also took into custody the Uber driver for interrogation. An official said the bodies will be handed over to both the families after autopsy. Further investigation was underway.


An unidentified man was crushed to death under a tractor-trolley near Daroghewala on Monday, rescue workers said. The body was moved to the morgue.

An eyewitness told the police that the man was trying to cross the road speedy tractor-trolley ran over him. As a result, he died on the spot. The driver along with the vehicle managed to escape from the scene. The police were investigating the incident.


A 37-year-old man was found dead on a footpath in Data Darbar police precincts on early Monday. The police shifted the body to the morgue fro autopsy. A police official said that the deceased apparently, was a drug addict. Some passersby spotted the body on the footpath and alerted the police by phone. The police were investigating the death.


Three workers received multiple burns when fire erupted in a flour mills in Shahdara on Monday evening. Rescue workers said that the injured were shifted to Mayo Hospital with multiple burns. They were identified as Ahsan, Farzand, and Adnan.

Several firefighting units took operation in the operation that last for two hours. Initial investigations suggest the blaze broke out due to short-circuiting.


At least three men were wounded critically when unidentified men opened fire on them in Sabzazar police precincts. The victim identified by police as Shaukat, Ashraf, and Nadeem were rushed to a hospital in critical condition. The gunmen fled instantly. The police were investigating the shooting with no arrest made yet.