OKARA  -  After eight month proceedings, a civil court has ordered to unlock Okara Press Club (OPC) here the other day. Civil Judge Hassan Dilbar has given a verdict, directing the police to unlock the OPC with an immediate effect.

He ordered the parties, who had membership issues with the OPC, to pursue their cases in the civil court.  The OPC was thus unlocked and opened in the presence of OPC president Sheikh Shehbaz Shaheen, chairman Muneer Chaudhry, members including Rao Fazlur Rehman, Tariq Baloch, Tariq Naveed and others.

It was about two years ago when some officials of the state institutions turned against the OPC office-bearers and the members who refused to nourish their interests.

A fake disunity was created among the journalists. About five to six, out of 40 members of the OPC, played in the hands of the officials and about eight months back the OPC was sealed.

The case was heard by Civil Judge Hassan Dilbar who, the other day, ordered to reopen the OPC premises. OPC office-bearers and members including president Sheikh Shehbaz Shaheen, chairman Muneer Chaudhry and general secretary Ch Maqsood Jatt thanked God, and expressed gratitude to the judiciary for maintaining the freedom of press.