LAHORE-Pakistani drama industry has been flourishing with producing quality content and some of them even popular in neighboring country India.

The Hum Tv has a history of producing the dramas that highlights the social issues. Recently Hum Tv had made drama series Udari which quickly came into limelight based ‘Uddari’ a drama serial based on child sexual abuse present in a sugar-coated message.

The play narrated the ordeal of victims of sexual abuse.

‘Hatheli’ is the new presentation from the Hum Tv based on the issue of Halala. The Halala (In Islamic Sharia law a couple which undergoes a divorce cannot remarry unless the woman marries another man truly, and then her second husband dies or divorce her.

The subsequent marriage (Nikah) of the woman with her second husband is called Nikah Halala.)

Azfar Rehman told The Nation that entertainment industry has a very glaring role in society. “The Hatheli would be a good addition to the already enthralling drama industry of Pakistan. The drama is based on the Halala marriage , a subject on which this drama is unique of its own kind,” Azfar said.

Pakistani drama industry had crossed some of the milestones and now they are experimenting to highlight the social issues present in our society. “Artiste always reach at studio recordings what so ever the scenarios are, one think more, along with artiste there are thousands of families involved in the form of crewmen, camera men, drivers and spot boys. I think there entertainment industry by and large should be feel secured and this only possible when government made some policies to secure the lives of the artiste,” he said.  The first Episode of the Hatheli will be broadcast on Hum Tv today.  The drama cast include Azfar Rehman as Salman, Eshal Fayyaz, Hasan Ahmed as Irfan, Rubina Ashraf as Salman and Irfan’s mother, Sajid Shah, Kiran Tabeer as Samiya, Hira Pervaiz.